As I said earlier today, it’s my 26th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I looked it up online and it seems there is no certain gift one is supposed to buy for the happy couple or your spouse on the 26th anniversary. So we had to make something up.

26 years ago, I looked like this

For the last 8-to-Forever years I’ve looked mostly like this

This is the longest my hair has ever grown and I LOVE it. You have no idea how much I LOVE it….but…man, it’s a real pain in the ass when it comes to sleeping. However, I made it my Goal in Life to grow it to my ass. I did.

I guess that’s the rebel in me. When I was little I had short hair…very short hair. I hated it.

Wow, man, that’s a LOT of hair, huh???? I look like BatWoman or something.🙂

Uh-Oh! Looks like the Gorman’s have decided the appropriate gift for the 26th Wedding Anniversary is…a hair cut.

Everybody say ‘hi’ to Dino


No! Wait! Stop!

Too late now.🙂

I donated my mane to Locks of Love…twenty minutes later and I walked out of there looking like……

Drum Roll please……

How’s that? Sassy! LOL

Hey look! You can SEE my ass! (Yeah, ok, not that anybody wants to!) I DO still have a few curves.

Maybe even a little sex appeal left too.

I was so brave, hubby took me to Mickey D’s and wouldn’t stop taking my picture…hahahaha

I feel a little lighter now. I can see where I’m going, which is very nice. Gonna save a lot of money on shampoo and conditioner and hubby should really appreciate the fact that the Wookie that lives in the bathtub drain should be moving out. Poor guy, every few months the tub backs up, he plunges it, and it coughs up a hair ball the size of Chewbacca! No more, those days should be near over now.

I’m sure I will allow it to grow back to the middle of my back over the next several years but this summer should be a real breeze!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!

    I cut off 14 inches a few years ago and it was liberating. Now I’m growing it back – horrible cycle I’m in.

  2. Gena Robertson

    Looks great, Lisa!! Amazing how much lighter your head feels, isn’t it? I had fewer headaches, too, after lobbing off several inches of hair. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Gena Robertson

    Oh, and congratulations on the monumental anniversary! Not many marriages make it that far – so very happy for you and your family😀

  4. You rock girl… and you look great with your new doo!

  5. Looks good sis, happy to you and roy. love you guys so much

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