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Let’s get ‘business’ out of the way and then we’ll have a long rambling chat about other things, ok?

Over our little 3 day event we managed to give away 4,486 ebooks on Kindle! That’s ‘worldwide’. I admit, I was hoping for a higher number but that’s not too bad. “OBSESSION” even managed to reach #25 in Kindle Free> Romance Suspense.

The numbers broke down this way;

The number on “Child” disappoints but, again, people are coming into my site using keywords that show me they’re actually looking for “Rising Son” so that’s heartening…I guess. We’ll see come September anyway. We actually SOLD 121 books worldwide during the month of March. Yeah, most of it at $0.99 a copy but still I’ll get a nicer-than-normal little chunk of change come the end of May. Be nice if that trend continues since I’m committed to Kindle until the beginning of June on those three books.

I confess I’ve done no work with “Rising Son” while hubby has been home with me this week. I haven’t done much of anything. I have the next stepping stone in my head, I see it…it’s right there….all I have to do is put my foot on and walk on it. I’ve seen it for days and I LOVE it but I haven’t cracked the file.

Someone’s upset with me to the point I actually DREAMED about “Rising Son” last night! I haven’t had dreamed about a story or a character in a very very long time. I gotta say…Raven….hooooo….H-O-T. He’s gonna give his Daddy a run for his money, yes, that young stud is!πŸ™‚ I know most Greek Tragedies end a certain way–Father vs. Son normally with Son the Victor and taking Daddy’s goodies, maybe even Daddy’s wife in the process. We’ll get there but we’re going to punch it up first. We couldn’t decide what to do with Aphrodite’s kid! It took forever to decide it LIVED then to decide the SEX. Finally we created Hunter and with him–and our little Rose–we have several ways to turn Raven around. SO….IF I get my fat ass in gear we could conceivably come up with something rather interesting! There are lots of good fight scenes coming up in this book…probably end up being damn near 50/50 between them and the sex. Oh ok, 1/3, we have to throw in the STORY and the DRAMA too…LOL. It’s going to be a big project and I’m trying to gear up for the long haul.

The dream was my own fault, I know. I had my bath last night and doused it with salts and oils as I demanded so direction so we could move forward! I got a bunch of nothing on the radio but not after I closed my eyes. Answers abounded in my sleep.πŸ™‚

Bath…washed my hair for the first time! Yeah that took all of a minute! LOL. I’m used to scrubbing this thing the length of a baby crib sheet and before I could really get a grip on it…poof…gone. This will take some getting used to. I also had to buy ‘product’ for my hair when I went shopping. I got some mousse. I’ll pick up…oh my gods….a round brush! Next time I go. Gotta add ‘fullness’ and ‘body’ now that it’s short. Gotta blow dry. I told Dino I haven’t done it since the 80s but I remember how.

The cabinets are coming out gorgeous! They look wonderful. Hubby is on the last stage those nasty nasty cabinets beneath the sink. They’re HORRIBLE. The frames are all sanded now so the sanding equipment has been put away and I’m getting my kitchen back bits at a time. Here’s a tip for you; if you have a built-it/drop-in stove and you have never moved it…don’t. Simply do not do it unless you are getting rid of it. You really just don’t want to know what has built up on the sides and beneath it.πŸ˜‰

Scrubbed that crap off. Scrubbed off the back splash behind the stove too since it was pulled out and in the middle of the kitchen. Looks much better now. Even scrubbed down the small appliances and made them all shiny. That was no easy feat when it came to the fry-daddy. I just wanted to throw it out and get a new one. I hardly ever do that but it was so DISGUSTING I really thought it was best. But no go. I emptied the old oil into a 2 liter Coke bottle and when it was full it looked as though it were a fresh bottle of Coke! I even thought about passing it off on Becca as a gag for a moment. It was gross. Took it out to the trash, threw it away, put the fry-daddy under the open spigot and discovered the gunk at the bottom was roughly an inch to an inch an half thick.


Please can’t we get a NEW one?????

The water’s cold it’s not able to do the job I want it to so I had to stick my hand in the goo and wiggle my fingers through grease the consistency of wet sand….ick!!!! Scratch my way to the bottom and churn it all upward. I did that a few times dumping the contents on the side of the garage hoping to kill the weed patch there. Eventually I had to give up and bring it for soap and hot water. Three SOS pads and about half a cup of Ajax later, that fucker is shiny! LOL You can actually tell that it’s stainless steel! hahahahaha It used to look as though it had some thick yellow layer of transparent paint on it.

While I was at it I attacked the can opener and toaster too. Next up is the Kitchen Aid mixer, my favorite appliance. It needs a good scrub too. Then the kitchen will actually be grease free. Oh you should have seen the god awful mess in the cabinets over the sink, especially the spice cabinet. Totally black! I ripped it up and hubby laid down new so it’s all good now. Most of the spices were DECADES old. No, I’m NOT kidding! McCormick’s doesn’t even come with the label anymore! Hubby came to me the other day and said; So what do you want to keep in here?

I hopped up on a chair and happily threw it all out! Everything but the salt, pepper, chilli powder, garlic powder, and a few others I knew were fresh. Now I’m on my way to restocking the spices.

It’s funny the amount of crap you come across when redoing a room. All of my dishes and things have been gone through and a lot has been tossed out. Cabinets are much emptier now. I’m on my way to restocking the dry goods and food supply as well. Nice to fresh ingredients…LOL.

The decorative cabinet with the glass doors is actually a Decorative Cabinet once again. I put all of my canisters/containers/jars/decanters in there. Looks nice.

I suppose I should break down now, maybe grab that bottle of Chocolate Whipped Cream Vodka (I HATE vodka but this shit is good!), and see if I can’t make the jump to that next stone and get a little further across this raging river. I think we could be on the verge of something really good. Something of EPIC PROPORTIONS if I can just gather the remains of my brain together one more time.

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  1. Wow – you’re like a female Mister Clean!

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