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Yesterday was a busy day. Easter’s coming and I was under the impression I was going to Mrs. Jones’ house for the occasion and therefore would not have to cook. But, it didn’t turn out that way. She informed me they were broke and didn’t even have enough plates/chairs yet. I’ll tell you what, I’ve put on many a Holiday Meal that I could not afford. Why? Because I’m the only one left to do it, that’s why. But, ok, ok. She asked if she could bring something. I said rolls.

I went shopping yesterday to get the fixings for Easter Dinner. I thought about it over the weekend and while I’m not a huge fan of ham it is the traditional Easter Dinner (lamb would suffice too but since I can’t stand lamb….), so I thought I’d get a nice spiral ham and I found a recipe for scalloped potatoes. I currently have about 13 pounds of potatoes–went nuts on a BOGO on potatoes and onions! LOL So I figured I could use some of my stock of potatoes to make the dish. Sounds good.

I went to the meat case at Stop & Shop and picked up the first appropriately sized spiral ham I saw and….I nearly fell over! $25.00! Are you kidding me???? I shuffled and looked through spiral hams ranging from $22.00-$35.00! I couldn’t justify the price so I thought maybe I’d just get a pork shoulder. It’ll take longer but, what the hell? Strolled my cart down the meat cases until I came to the picnic shoulders and picked up a nice one for $10.00. I wasn’t crazy about the price but ok. I strolled to the cereal aisle to get orange blossom honey and pineapple chunks to put on the shoulder. While I was looking at the price of a jar of orange blossom honey–$4.85! My phone rang, it was Mrs. Jones. “What kind of rolls do you want? Keep in mind we’re broke.”

Oh crap. Really? You can’t afford rolls???

I told her brown ‘n’ serve or crescent rolls would be fine.

“Do you want me to make ’em or just bring ’em?”


“Why don’t you pop ’em in the oven just before you come, around 2, I’ll reheat them when it’s time.”

Hang up. Continue shopping. Go to get the butter and cheese for the scalloped potatoes and pass another case full of hams. They were HALF the price of the hams in the first case. Why? Just ‘cuz they’re not cut! Put back the shoulder, get a ham. Look at the date; Sell by June 2, 2012. I thought gee that’s a long way away. And someone said;

It’s COOKED already. Remember?

Awwww….gee, I dunno. The package doesn’t say so.

The very nice gentleman in the meat section said to me; “Do you need help?”

“Yes, do I have to freeze this before Easter?”

He looked at me rather puzzled and said; “What’s the date on it?”

“June 2nd.”

“June 2nd! Ah, nope, nope, you don’t have to freeze it.”

“I can just leave it in the fridge?”

“Yep, that’ll be fine.” He smiled wide even as he shook his head at me.🙂

I got my ham and my other goodies for Easter. I continued shopping. The sanding part of our project is pretty much over with, all that’s left to sand are 3 drawers and 3 cabinet doors which can be done outside. That means it’s time to get that yucky layer of dust off everything in the house! I’ve been keeping up a little but not too much ‘cuz there wasn’t much sense in going crazy with it knowing I’d just have to keep doing it. Usually I clean with my own mixture of water, white vinegar, and dish soap in a spray bottle but that dust needed something else. I looked at the bottles and bottles and bottles of brightly colored cleaners and settled on getting a big bottle of Mr. Clean so I could dilute it in my spray bottle. I’m picky, I smelled all of them first. The lavender does NOT smell anything like lavender. I finally settled on something called–you’re gonna love it!–‘New Zealand in Spring Time’. I have no idea what New Zealand smells like in Spring or any other time of year but this smelled ok. Not sure what the scents actually ARE but it’s pleasant enough. I checked out. I brought everything home. Put it all away. Did the laundry. Futzed around.

Then got to cleaning. I took down all of the glassware in the living room and the pictures/paintings/photographs cleaned the frames put the glass in the dishwasher and went to town dusting the whole living room top to bottom. It needed it! I worked my butt off for hours getting all of the yucky dust off the mantle, the TV, the light over the TV (that was just gross!), the tables, the hutch, the bookcases, everything. By the time hubby got home everything was bright and shiny. He walked in the house and said; “Oh smells good in here!”

I just laughed thinking I’ll have to get to New Zealand some Spring and check it out for myself.🙂

I made dinner. We had a nice evening. I put the clean sheets/blankets on the bed, put the laundry away, had a hot bath, and settled to watch BONES! Oh thank the Gods! I was goin’ out of my mind! I swore between the basketball and American Idol I wasn’t going to be able to hang on. But we got Baby Bonesie last night AND House is on after so Monday is a good night for TV once more. I will miss House but I realize it’s time the show departed the airwaves.

Hubby and I settled into bed. Turned out the lights and, well, something odd has been happening with my bank account the last week or so. I’ve checked my balance online to see charges/withdrawals I didn’t make. They were made at the gas station up the street and at first I thought it was hubby but when a charged showed up for $1.00 I knew what was going on. Since Mrs. Jones doesn’t live here any more it could only be Miss Rebecca. That $1.00? That’s the cost of a blunt wrapper.

SOOOOO….I got out of bed before getting the chance to fall asleep to go downstairs and retrieve my ATM card from my wallet for the night. I’d been doing that the last few days thinking my darling 2nd daughter would get the hint but….no. I go downstairs, I open my purse, my wallet is standing straight up. I open said wallet and…no ATM card. I charged toward Becca’s room and there she was in her coat! I put out my hand and said; “Give it to me now!” She handed me her ID! Then realized she’d screwed up and gave me the ATM card. She’s been using my card with her ID to con the people up at the store. I said to her; “Have you used this tonight?”

“Oh, no,” said she, “no.”

“Really? If I check my bank balance right now I won’t find a new charge?”


I stormed upstairs to tell hubby what happened. He stormed downstairs. I grabbed the phone, checked the balance, and sure enough…$23.50 gone! The $3.50 is the store’s charge BUT it will lead to another $6.00 charge from my bank! Her stolen $20.00 actually costs me $30.00! I ran downstairs with the account open on the phone and said; “Gimme my money!”

She already spent $10.00 of it but was kind enough to give me back the other $10.00 just before she departed the house. Unlike her sister there was no fighting, no crying, no hissy fit, she just left. Miss Rebecca should be thankful to Mrs. Jones because if I hadn’t gone through this already with her then this could have been a lot worse.

Later, hubby and I were up in bed shaking our heads.

I’m starting to think this some sort of the ‘growing process’. I’m honest, I admit it, I did the same thing to my parents BUT I wasn’t living at home anymore and we were desperately trying to make it on our own. Both of my kids do it while they’re in my house having all of their needs taken care of for them! Anyway, like I said, ‘growing process’. Mrs. Jones did it around the same age as Miss Rebecca. I’m hoping it doesn’t last as long and that it is a sign she’s getting ready to move out. She spent the night with a friend at her apartment so, if she gets a job, maybe she can just continue living there. My food and electric bills will go down so much I’ll hardly know what to do with the extra cash! She ate an entire box of Yodels, an entire box of Cap’n Crunch, an entire half-gallon of milk, and a 2 liter bottle of Coke! All on her own! I went to get each of those items and they were gone! I’m tellin’ ya hubby and I could get by on $75.00-$85.00/wk for groceries if it was just the two of us.

I expect I’ll be hearing from her at some point today or tomorrow…whenever she needs clean clothes. I’m expecting the entire contents of her Unemployment check if she thinks she’s going to move back in.

I think that’s fair.

Oh well, the good part about it is, since there wasn’t anyone in the house but us last night, after getting over the small shock, we had a really rousing round! Yep, I can’t wait for the last one to leave the nest so we can do that ALL the time!😉

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