The Kitchen Project

Keeps rolling toward the Finish Line. I think the last time we left off on these posts we were around here

Those cabinets have been finished and we are now here

Nice, huh? My hubby is doing an wonderful job!

Now, do you see that little cut out? That’s where my built-in/drop-in stove goes. Do you remember a few days ago I told you that if you have one of these you should never move it unless you’re getting a new one? Here’s why

Holy crap! What a mess! EWWWWWW! hahahaha Several SOS pads later and

That’s a little better🙂

Yep, hubby is on The Last Mile. Here’s my yucky under the sink cabinets after having had the yuck sanded off!

Last night hubby put the first coat of varnish on

That’s looking better already!

The “decorative cabinet” that started out like this

Has turned into this


I keep finding more and more space now that the kitchen is so clean. I found so much space that the shelves over the picture window and glass door are EMPTY and I even brought out stuff that’s been hiding in the attic forever to display around the living room. What will I do with all of the new space?

Yard Sale Season is just around the corner. I think I hear some new/old glass and knick-knacky things calling my name.🙂

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  1. The kitchen looks great!!!

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