Golden Oldies

I’ve been absent from this blog the last few days because I unexpectedly became involved in a little side project. While doing all of the dusting/cleaning/rearranging I came across several old photographs.

OK, I admit, I have old photographs crammed into several corners, trunks, and end tables all around the house. There’s thousands upon thousands of them and one day they’ll get tossed out. I’ll die, my kids will say to each other; “Do you want this crap?” The answer will be ‘no’ and into the nearest dumpster they’ll go. I am nothing if realistic about things.🙂

I started looking at them and pining away for a scanner so I could have them on the computer when a voice said;

No printer. You do have a digital camera.

Oh Happy Day!

For the last three days or so I have been photographing old photographs and arranging them on my computer as well as posting some of them to FaceBook and tagging my friends who have been shocked and gladdened to see a few pics from our “Glory Days”. I even got messages from relatives I didn’t know I had! They started tagging themselves in my pics and I started dropping notes along the lines of; Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but…who are you? The same thing happened with old high school buddies I didn’t even know were on FB.

Yes, that’s me!

High School Halloween 1984…1984???? OMG! Can you find me in the picture?

My all-time favorite picture of Miss Rebecca

That was a lot of fun. I uploaded somewhere around or just over 100 of them to FB and I’ve got several more photos to look through! LOL I would really love to set up the old projector and see if this works with slides. My dad loved slides and when we moved in here I spent days going through reel after reel after reel tossing as many as I could and keeping the rest. I think I got rid of 3/4 of the reels! If I set it up and try to take digital shots that might be good, if it works I can get rid of the rest of the reels in the basement sitting there collecting mounds of dust. Plus, everything will be digital. Yes, I did remember to back it up.🙂

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  1. I need to do that too. My mother brought over a ton of old photos from when I was 5-8 or so and most are ruined by years of GA humidity. I need to scan the good ones and all our old predigital photos so they we have copies.

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