Politically Incorrect with Aunty Moon

Not sure how to start this post, I mean, I don’t want to “offend” anyone out there…but I’m probably going to. Oh well.

Jenna Talackova—pretty, isn’t he?

(Woops, I probably just offended someone)

Prettier than

Lady Gaga anyway.

Despite popular rhetoric I firmly believe that shim was not “born that way”. Instead, I think they had the same surgeon but it’s fairly obvious Gaga came first and the surgeon perfected his/her technique at a later date.

(Offended again? Damn!)

The first time I saw the video for “My Poker Face” (years ago) my instant thought was; Who the hell is HE? What IS THAT? Then the jokes ensued about who’d been poking what into his face.

(Again? Shit!)

Hubby and I argue over Mister Gaga all of the time. He says I am ‘intolerant’. I say that’s bull shit. I don’t care if someone feels their gender was wrongly assigned to them by the Gods so they go and futz with it. I DO care if they LIE about it. Transgenders are one thing…LIARS are completely another. That’s my argument for Gaga. That and who in their right mind wears a dress made out of raw meat???? Shim’s an ass. An attention grabbing whore following in the footsteps of much better attention grabbing whores who came before shim. Plain and simple.

So, I have to give “Miss” Jenna Talackova a few credit points on that score. At least Talackova is honest.

Now to Donald Trump, a man who can’t comb his own hair properly. In case you haven’t heard, “Miss” Talackova wishes to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant owned by The Donald. The Donald is going to let ‘her’. Oh Christ! Really????

Here’s a better idea, keep Miss Talackova OUT of the competition but let her be ‘represented’ by her plastic surgeon for most of the pageant. After all, what she will really be judged on as far as ‘beauty’ goes is how good of a job the surgeon did in the first place. I’ll be nice, if she has any talent, she can get up for the talent portion of the competition and strut her stuff and be judged on that. I think THAT is fair. After all, there’s nothing ‘real’ about her, is there? Me thinks not. Unlike the other ladies in the competition where one might be able to say they are 80-100% real, Talackova is ALL fake from top to, um, bottom. I don’t think it’s fair at all to let her compete against real women. Yes, I said it, REAL women…those of us who really were “born this way”. If she would like to compete in the Miss Most Looks Like a Barbie Doll Competition that’s fine with me and it’s more honest since they’re both plastic that puts everything on an even playing field.

Other than that…nada. It’s sort of like having to be a “natural born citizen of the United States” (not born IN the United States!) in order to run for President of the United States. To run for President of the United States you have to be an American from the get-go and not someone who later became a citizen. makes sense, doesn’t it? I think it does. So….

To take part in a competition designed and built for women, one should have to be a woman and not someone who later became a woman.

To take part in a competition designed and built for men one should have to be a man and not someone who later became a man.

Get it?

To make matters worse, Talackova hired my least favorite attorney, Gloria Allred, to “represent” her. Personally, I would have thought dear Gloria would have taken the other side since she’s always so much in favor of “women’s rights”. But money speaks louder than anything and Talackova’s surgery didn’t come on the cheap. I’m not positive but I don’t think ‘gender reassignment surgery’ is covered by Canadian HealthCare. I would hope they’re spending their money on sick people instead. But, what do I know? Dear Gloria got up there and said Talackova wasn’t looking for ‘special treatment’….of course she is! DUH! If someone wants to have their gender ‘reassigned’…ok fine but they shouldn’t expect that the world is going to change just because they did. Further, they shouldn’t ask it to. They should not expect that they now have the ability and even the “right” to redefine the word “woman”.

Sometimes the old saying is just not true; if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks a duck…believe it or not…it ain’t always a duck! Maybe it became one later on but…..

(No? I’ve offended again. Gee, it’s not my day, is it?)

All I’m saying is that it takes a lot more than shaving your chest, picking out the right boobs for you, and having your penis flayed open so it can then be tucked inside your body to actually BE a WOMAN. That fact should be celebrated not degraded by ‘popular thinking’ and new scientific breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery.

I’ll simplify this whole thing for those who would like to argue…WARNING SOUTH PARK REFERENCE AHEAD…

Just because one can have surgery to make them LOOK like a dolphin does NOT mean they ARE a dolphin.

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  1. Where did you get the idea that Lady Gaga is transgender? From all accounts she was born a girl and attended an all girls Catholic school.

    • From looking at ‘her’. That’s a boy. I’ll say it to the day I die OR ‘she’ gets pregnant and gives birth…on YouTube.

      • ROFLMAO…. In some shots of her I can see what you mean but in others not so much. I would say her height is a good indication she was born a she, but then again, look how short Prince is LOL. If she was born a he, then she was already going through reassignment by age 11 or so because there are photos of her at the same Catholic school that Paris Hilton attended.

  2. Lis, most of the time, Im down with 99% of what you say. You know Im your girrrl….but on THIS case.. you couldnt BE more wrong if you tried. Lady Gaga is indded a woman, her real name is Stefani Germanotta. shes from New York and Ive seen plenty of pics from before she got really famous and aside from being a club kid, she was definately female. Now she chooses, through createivity and message, to be both a musician with a great voice and a “performance artist” who expresses her messages and thoughts through the visual. As a long time Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and David Bowie fan…I get that really well. Sometimes you must use both. as for Jenna, so her DNA dosent show that shes a woman..so fucking what. Im bisexual, most of my friends are part of the GLTBD community. Im a member of GLAAD and suppost this poor woman with my whole heart. She felt that she was born to the wrong body…her soul did not fit the vessel, so she sought to fix the error. And shes beautiful. The “fakness” you seem to see is part of her blossoming into her true self. her face is hers BTW, just the nessecary parts were altered. Now that the vessel is of the gender her soul matches, she is a WOMAN, and as such deserves the same rights. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE! I thought of all people you would understand. But I urge you to think a little deeper than the hype machines and magazine articles. The truth is so much more complex than that. As for Gloria, well, I dont always appreciate her methods, but she gets the job done. Bottom line…Lady G is a woman with extreme talent and worth, and Jenna is a woman who should be thought of as such and nothing else. i applaud them BOTH for being open, honest, and themselves. Thats rare. People are usually too busy hiding what they are to maintain the appearence of integrity and the ability to sell. And I think youd understand THAT,


    • Sorry Ry I’m not buying any of it. If Jenna wants to compete in a transgender competition or a competition for who has the best plastic surgeon she can go for it but she doesn’t have much place competing again natural born women. It’s not about sexual orientation it’s about nature and natural women shouldn’t have to compete again those who ‘later became women’ and got to pick all of their parts as well as having them custom installed. As for Gaga, don’t believe everything you read. “She” is a talentless hack following in the much bigger and better foot steps of actually talented people who came before “her”.

  3. Look at it this way…since transgender surgery works both ways….

    If a WOMAN had surgery to become a the optimum man she wanted to be (which is what Jenna did–had surgery to become the optimum woman he wanted to) and then the newly transgendered male wanted to enter the Mr. Universe Competition, should we let ‘him’? He’s had MAJOR surgery that probably includes things like; implanted/augmented pecs, biceps, triceps, thighs and calves. Should ‘he’ compete against natural born men who have worked their asses off to attain those muscular bodies knowing ‘he’ didn’t do anything to attain ‘his’ perfect body? Is that fair to the rest of the group? Or is it only ‘fair’ to the transgendered individual?

    There is a lot more sculpting/tucking/nipping/molding/sucking going on when a man becomes a woman other than the removal/transformation of a penis and the addition of breast implants.

    I guess I was under the wrongful impression that pageants/competitions like this are supposed to be awarding the natural inner and outer beauty of a woman. My bad. I feel that when people like Jenna are allowed to compete it becomes less about women in general and more about who has the best after-market parts and shiniest custom paint job.

  4. Yes I do believe it should work both ways…if a female to male TG wanted to compete in a Mr. Universe and he worked on his body enough to warrant it…why not? And holy hell Lis, what world are YOU living in? Pagents of ANY sort are NEVER about the soul or inner beauty….theyre about who the judges wanna fuck the most. Thats crass, but true. And no self respecting hetero judge wants to think about someone they wanna fuck once having a dick. Thats uncomfortable. Bottom line. What I was saying about the surgery was that she got what she needed to change her vessel, NOT go the Joan Rivers school of Nip/Tuck.

    Ad for my girl Lady G. Have you ever seen her live? Bet not. I have. Shes the other side of the spectrum from Manson (Mansonite 4 Lyfe here), but shes got the same drive, the same truth in her lyrics….if you took the time to LISTEN instead of just take a look and then turn up your nose. Its like those peeps who hate Nickelback. Seen them live too. Look, Kurt Cobain taught us all to appreciate the music and only the music in the most stripped down form….but he ALSO told the truth. As long as theres truth and integrity, I dont care in which form the art comes from. Hell, I redesign DOLLS. I have a Stargate tattoo. I understand the strange and the out there and unconventional. I live here. Got a delux apartment in the skyyyyyy…..lol.


  5. The bottom line is Lyons is yet another COMPROMISED catholic. A woman who does NOT understand what the bible says about homosexual behavior. How pathetic that so many Christians and Catholics are so weak they can’t stand up for their faith. Homosexuality is a choice, not a genetic predisposition. Transgender people should not be mistreated. They deserve respect and love just as any of us do. That said, it is an unnatural thing. They are clearly mentally ill and need help, just as someone with a multiple personality disorder does. There is no evidence to support they can’t help themselves. They can. There are many underlying issues that fuel homosexual and transgender behaviors. They are rooted in insecurity, a loss of identity and childhood abuse and trauma. So sad that we never hear about this. Instead we just applaud this lifestyle while they continue down a path of utter destruction.

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