Brings new Hope and new Life. It’s my second favorite time of year. Not just because everything starts to turn green and begins growing again but, traditionally, its Spring Cleaning Time and this year has been one heck of a cleaning. I can’t remember the last time my house sparkled this much!

I’m all ready for Easter Dinner tomorrow. Been looking up recipes and watching “The Chew” just to be sure I’m doing this right, it’s been a long time since I made a ham. My old brain has not forgotten how it just needed a little reminder that it’s not quite as defunct as I sometimes believe it to be.🙂

I’ve baked a nice chocolate-cherry fudge cake for dessert. I just took it out of the oven. Looks tasty.

I’m not sure just how many people we’re having tomorrow but the kitchen is ready should we need the bigger table in there for feasting. The cabinets are inches from done but won’t be ready for tomorrow. That’s ok. We need to task Cousin with building a new silverware drawer and cutting board anyway. Those two really can’t be salvaged. They’ve served long and well now it’s time to retire them with a little dignity. Since I don’t have a place for my silverware at the moment ALL of it is in the dishwasher getting shiny. I’ll try to store the ‘extra’ out of sight and keep what we need within easy reach.

This is the first holiday hubby and I have really been ‘alone’ for and it’s making me happy. So happy that I made an Easter Basket just for us. I even colored Easter Eggs and had much fun doing it. All eggs are pretty, no ugly eggs, no funky eggs, no black eggs. No yelling. No pushing. No “That’s MY EGG!”. Just a quite peaceful arts ‘n’ crafts project.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss my kids, I love my kids, but this is the first time they will ‘come home for the holidays’ so it’s actually something to look forward to instead of a chore. Kinda makes it fun again. I’m sure there will be a discussion with Miss Rebecca about whether or not she wants to come home and give it another shot. She came home yesterday for a hot shower but didn’t mention a desire to return to the nest. She did express a bit of shock and disappointment that I had colored eggs without her. So….she must be doing fairly ok. If nothing else, I’m sure she’s enjoying her new found freedom. You know my theory; it’s good for them to go without for a few days so they can better appreciate what they had. If she wants to come home I’m sure we’ll work something out and if she decides to stay out there on her own then I will applaud her effort to take charge of her own life.

The strangest thing happened the other day. Nikki showed up at my door with an aluminium tray and said; “Here this is for you and Poppa, I made too much.” I opened it and saw a whole dinner of stuffed shells. I just stood there thinking; My daughter brought me food. My DAUGHTER brought ME food. Wow! Yeah, that’s another thing I never thought would happen.🙂 Everything is so much different between us now that she’s a married woman and out there making a go of it. I like it. Much better than the way it was.

Hubby and I are really enjoying this Just You and Me thing. Since there aren’t any children around now hubby needs a new playmate and it’s me. Being an only child I Don’t Play Well With Others but I’m learning. He thinks it’s hilarious when he starts play fighting with me and I cringe away from him. I’m learning to fight back. How to poke. To prod. To get right in the face and stare. To hold noses and feet down without getting pissed off. Very strange. Fun. But strange.

The food budget is really relaxing already. I expect the next electric bill to be quite a bit lower along with the water bill. I’m only doing ONE load of dishes a day now! ONE. Maybe two if I cooked something extra special for dinner. I do a single load of laundry every morning, bring it up (nearly) every afternoon, and if I clean up the living room or the kitchen an hour later it’s exactly the way I left it. With all of the intense cleaning I’ve been doing lately that is a wondrous thing…it’s like magic or something.

Ooooo….spooky stuff inside! LOL

Looking forward to tomorrow and an easy delightful day.

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