Feelin’ Fat

Easter Dinner was a bit hit! I went to bed feeling like a turtle stuck on its back…LOL. So stuffed but so good.

Cousin came and brought a broccoli cheese casserole for a side dish along with a cherry cheese cake. Seems cherry was a big theme yesterday😉

We had cherry cheese cake, chocolate-cherry fudge cake, black cherry candles on the table and….

Yep, cherry and pineapple chunks on the ham! Gee, do you think someone wanted to attend the festivities in whatever manner he could yesterday? LOL That’s ok, two weeks ago when I was cutting back the choke cherry tree and getting a bit upset as how difficult the task was turning out to be I heard a voice say;

Perhaps this is why you chose cherry for me.

Can’t you see I’m sweatin’ my tatas off here? What are you talking about?

Well, you already knew how hard the wood would be.

Gotta love him. Ego and all.

Any-hoo, I drenched the ham in cherry and pineapple juices, poked the cherries and chunks on the top with toothpicks and let it sit in the fridge covered with foil while I made the

Scalloped potatoes. I admit I should have let them go another 10 minutes in the oven but they were so ewwy-gooey cheesy good it didn’t really matter. I layered the potatoes with crumbled bits of bacon, finely chopped onions, and mozzarella cheese then poured the melted cheddar cheese sauce over the whole thing. When it was done put more cheese and bacon on the top. Yep, slightly undercooked or not, it was a big hit.🙂

When they were done it was time to bake the ham. Let it go 20 minutes with just the fruit juices…basting constantly then whipped up the honey/brown sugar/ginger glaze. Poured that over and basted every 10 minutes for the next hour and a half. Then five-ten minutes under the broiler to top it off and

Yummy! Good stuff! The cherries and pineapple chunks all got a nice candy glaze and were deliciously sweet and a little tangy for the table. We had red cabbage, onions, rolls, corn and several assorted garnishments. Once everyone was groaning and holding their tummies it was time to move the gathering outside to the deck for coffee and dessert. Good thing I cleaned the deck Saturday, huh? LOL

There’s Mr. & Mrs. Jones.

Cousin said he would build us a new cutting board but he thought the drawer could be saved so we’re going to try that. Cousin tried something new yesterday, that chocolate whipped cream vodka, and he loved it. He’s not also not a vodka fan so that makes 3 out of 3 non-vodka drinkers won over by this product. Can’t be half bad, right?

Miss Rebecca came to the family gathering and is still sleeping upstairs. She decided she’d like to come home…duh. Was there any real doubt? After spending a week bouncing around from friend to friend I imagine it’s nice to sleep in the safety and comfort of your own home again. There are new rules. She has a new room. She seems very remorseful and contrite. There was no belligerent bullshit so that was refreshing.

By the time I climbed into my own bed I was moaning and groaning holding my full tummy. It was a good day. A very good day. So good that hubby couldn’t get up this morning and has stayed home with me, we snoozed and cuddled to near 9am.

Yeah, I call it a success.🙂

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