Damn that PhotoShop

I got a little writing done yesterday and a few surprising things happened. I fully intended to get right back into it today and dive into that Bacchanalia but…I got side tracked.

Something’s been ticking me off lately and I didn’t know what to do about it. Someone ‘stole’ “Raven” from me! I was sooo pissed to see him on a ‘friend’s’ book cover! You have no idea how angry I was. I searched for WEEKS for that image. Luckily for me she didn’t use his face but I know that chest and chin. I needed something to help set my cover apart from hers…even though I had him first. Grrrrrrrr. (No, I didn’t say anything to her. I know I got the image FREE so I should just shut up. Except here in my blog.)

I went and looked at the “final” cover and was still pretty happy with it but it needed fixing. For those who don’t remember here’s our original “final” cover

After several hours and several attempts that I won’t show you I finally got here and I do believe I’m in LOVE

Yeah, I think that beats my original cover and that “other cover” hands down.🙂 You really should click it to see all of the detail. I’m still patting myself on the back over here. LOL

Now if I can just get the mailman to drop that long distance inspiration into my mailbox today I think I’ll be all set for that Bacchanalia. Yeah, I can hardly wait to get Raven laid now!!!!! WOOT!

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  1. i actually like the new one better, dad is better in it too😉
    i would just bring back a bit more of the orange glow, the overall glow of it like you had in the first one.

  2. Awww i cant read the password protected chapter darn it lo.

  3. I like it! For some reason the way ‘Rising Son’ is done really caught my eye. Maybe because it’s written right across of Ravens awesome chest but I don’t know😉

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