News of the Weird

Well the best news I’ve heard in the last 24 hours is that Rick Santorum a/k/a Greg Stillson dropped out of the race. Woot! Ok, so whatever happens come November I am 99.9% positive we will not end up with the Anti-Christ in office….phew. I’m so relieved. You have no idea how much. Really, you don’t.šŸ™‚

There are some things that I think may only be able to happen to the Great State of Connecticut. Check ’em out

Boy 5, Brings 50 Packets of Heroin to School for Show and Tell Yeah, you read that right. Ok he didn’t actually bring them FOR Show and Tell, his jacket got switched with his step-fathers (not sure how a 5 years-old’s jacket gets mistaken for that of a full grown man but…) and he discovered all he had for Show and Tell were these neat little baggies.

Oh, yeah, arrests ensued.

Then we have this one which happened yesterday and is very tragic. Boy Killed Helping Dad With Wood Chipper. I heard about this yesterday in sound bites and actually had to go online to find out what happened because all the news was saying this morning was how tragic it all was. I did see video of the industrial wood chipper being hauled away. This wasn’t any little back yard model you might pick up at Home Depot to help dispose of brush/branches/leaves/debris on your property in spring and fall. Oh no, not at all. This is more along the lines of one those huge honkin’ suckers you see on the side of the road being used by State Crews to clear away crap and turn BIG trees into, well, wood chips.

I’m all in favor of “Take Our Children To Work” but I don’t understand why the 6 year-old was anywhere near a monstrous machine such as this never mind “helping” his father with it. I mean this IS the state that had the Richard/Hella Crafts case, anyone remember that hubby shoving his wife through a wood chipper to get rid of the body? I think all they found of her was a tooth and a few bone fragments. It’s a terrible way to go–that poor little boy, just thinking about it makes me shiver and want to cry. It’s a horrible thing to have happen to your family, it’s gut wrenching and heart breaking but it could have so easily been prevented with just a tiny bit of common sense and forethought.

Kinda like this one over Christmas and I’m sure you heard about it. Connecticut Christmas Fire–Discarded Fireplace Embers Caused Blaze. Again, a little common sense and a little forethought and 5 people would still be alive. For those of you who didn’t already know; NEVER take the HOT embers OUT of the fire box! Just LEAVE them there. Close the screen/glass doors, pour a little cold water on them if you feel you have to BUT don’t remove them. Certainly do not put them in a bag and throw them out! The fire box is your friend, it is fire proof, and will happily babysit calm embers. By the same token; do NOT shove HOT embers down the ash trap! Wait until later the next day when all is cool to clean the fire box.

Everybody got that? Read it again if you have to. Hot embers stay in fire box. Little boys play in sand box. Not near baggies of heroin or wood chippers.

The Christmas Fire one has been driving me nuts since, well, Christmas. At first it was ‘how tragic’ and then we found out how it happened and went; You fuckin’ moron! What the hell is wrong with you?

In more News of the Weird outside my Great State, George Zimmerman put up a website The Real George Personally I find the measly 72 hits hard to believe since this thing has gotten so much media attention. Then again, there ain’t a hell of a lot on the site other than a PayPal Donation Button. I’m willing to contribute to a lot of defense funds but this isn’t one of them. I know, I know, he’s been advised by his lawyers (who the media says recently dropped him) not to talk about the case. That’s standard. BUT if you’re going to put up a website say SOMETHING of value. Anything.

Well, I’m off. Hoping for a nice day with no weird stuff.

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  1. Lol! Some of it anyway. Those poor children. I totally agree with you! How are you going to let a 6 year old NEAR a wood chipper let alone help???

    • Even in the face of tragedy you have to be able to laugh….maybe even *especially in the face of tragedy*. It just blew my mind that anyone would even allow a 6 year old around a piece of heavy equipment like that never mind lend a helping hand with it. Whatever happened to common sense????

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