Desperate Remedies

Thanks to a new-found friend in New Zealand I finally got a copy of “Desperate Remedies”. It showed up yesterday and I trotted my little old ass right upstairs to watch it! OK, FINE…I WAS looking for one particular scene–which is right near the beginning OH JOY!–BUT I really did want to see the whole thing. I mean the whole thing. And I did.


Next post….if you got the password you really wanna check out those screen caps! WOW! (My heart is all a flutter just thinking about it.)

Anyway, here’s the review. As you read PLEASE keep in mind that, on the whole, I really hate foreign flicks and ‘historical’ ‘period’ pieces to begin with so don’t take offense at some things that might…come up.

I’ve waited years to get my hands on this flick and even NetFlix wouldn’t give it to me. It did give me “Lawless: Dead Evidence”, which was pretty good once I got past the accent I am so unaccustomed to hearing other than when the Muse wants to piss me off. Over the years of living with my little (ok major) obsession, I have seen a few screen caps. A very few but enough to whet my appetite.

I knew it was going to be a little racy so I was happy I was mostly alone in the house when the package arrived and I could run upstairs and indulge myself. It is racy but mostly in an ‘artsy’ way, the whole thing is fairly ‘artsy’ and it’s almost some warped cross between Shakespeare and Tim Burton. No, really, it is. It’s very intense. Very dark, visually as well as the whole plot/theme/dialogue. I recognized a lot of people from “Herc” and “Xena” and this guy too

You might recognize him from “Live Free or Die Hard” or, one of my new favorite TV shows, “Missing”. I would really like to see him in something like “A MidSummer Night’s Dream” cuz all I could think of was “Puck” or even “Pan” in his performance. He’s really good. Creepy and nasty but good.

You don’t have to like foreign flicks to like this film but it does help if you’re a big MeatLoaf fan. Not, the diner dish, the singer. The whole movie is overdone, over dramatized, over intensified, but to a nearly blissful degree. The stupid thing really pulled me in. However, for an American audience, I would suggest a handful of shrooms or a tab of mesc half-hour before popping it into the DVD player. This way some of the very noticeable missing pieces won’t matter so much and the totally AWESOME DRESSES will be just outta sight. They are awesome. Wow, I hope that costume designer got some kind of award. I also hope some of them weren’t as heavy and cumbersome as they looked.

See? Sorta like the movie….a wee bit over done in some instances.🙂

Ok, ok, to our boy.

HOT. As always. He sizzles. Even when they stuck him in one of those strange costumes

You should see the whole thing complete with matching ‘high water’ pants. I’ll never know how he did it with a straight face. Nope.

On the whole, the movie is good, it needed some holes filled in and I would have backed off the dramatic lighting and costumes in favor of more dialogue. If you would like to see may have happened if Tim Burton and William Shakespeare got together and had a baby, you might like “Desperate Remedies”. Do not watch it with the kiddos hanging around, there are several scenes of nudity, sex, and people running around in assless pants at a party.

Yeah, I felt like a fell down the Rabbit Hole for a while but in a good way.

All in all, an enjoyable little flick. Aunty Moon gives it a B. She’d give it A if just got the one scene she really wanted out of the deal. Considering ‘everything else’ that went on in the flick and all of the heat that was generated between ‘Lawrence Hayes’ (Mr. Smith) and ‘Dorothea Brooks’ the lack of…climax…is disappointing. Really, it shouldn’t have been too much to ask.

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