The Kitchen Project

Is almost finished! There’s just the one ugly drawer left and hubby is working on that as I type. There’s also the matter of the cutting board but I’m not going to sweat over that.đŸ™‚

Here’s a little refresher…

Yes, that’s my Mom and Dad in my (it was theirs then) kitchen back in 19youdon’twannaknow! LOL


Pretty cool, huh???

Remember those truly ugly cabinets under the sink?

WOW! Shiny! Yeah, see the ‘ugly’ drawer? LOL

There’s a better shot for comparison between where we started and where we are finishing.

So all of the really hard work is now behind us…mostly behind hubby. We’ll start looking at and pricing counter tops soon and then it’s just a coat of paint. I think the kitchen looks 100% better already so much lighter and cleaner-looking.

counter for tumblr

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  1. I’ve enjoyed following your kitchen remodel. Can’t wait to see the “after” pictures with new counter tops. Your hard work is really paying off.

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