It’s Time To Go Outside

spring is here and if the weather man is right and we’re really going to hit between 88 and 90 degrees TOMORROW it won’t last long!

It was such a crazy mild winter almost nothing actually stopped growing out there. Weird. Anyway, yesterday hubby got the mower running and I was grateful. The last time we cut the grass wasn’t actually meant to be the LAST time we cut the grass but the mower had other ideas. Just near the end of the last cut it started sputtering and then it let out a sound more akin to a shotgun blast than a backfire, flames shot out of the motor, black smoke billowed, it coughed, it choked…it died. This was in late September or so, and as such, hubby and I did what any good New England would do; we pushed it back into the garage and hoped for the best come ‘next season’. πŸ˜‰

This time around we got it! It started right up and, while it needs a lot of babying, it did managed to cut the entire lawn (on a much higher setting than I like) without any trouble. It’s not perfect out there but it looks a hell of a lot better. To tell the truth, I just love cutting the grass. I really do. I find it very ‘Zen’. Even if the old mower does give my kidney’s a beating. Yeah, there’s no such thing as shock absorbers on the old gal never mind my dream of ‘zero turning radius’. hehehe

We got some doings out there. These pics were take before the grass was cut so please forgive the mess.

Yeah, this is my John Madden impression! This is the wayback of the yard from right to left.

And from left to right. If you follow the football-like outline you’ll be able to see the line of Foxglove Mother has blessed me with this year! I’m so looking forward to when (most of them) bloom. Some of them won’t until next year since it’s a bi-annual plant but most of them will kick off and seed this year. Woot!

OH! Hubby took the mower for it’s first spin and guess where he headed! YES! Right to my Foxglove! I was running down the yard SCREAMING at him to knock it off. See, this is why I cut the grass! I know what I want to keep and what I want mowed down.πŸ™‚

A couple of close ups. Maybe you have some in your yard and you think it’s a weed. It IS a highly poisonous plant so I suggest you don’t let it grow or plant it if you have small children who are still putting everything in their mouths. But I love it, it’s so beautiful when it blooms. Besides that I really am hoping it will help deter the deer. I keep looking for them but I haven’t seen them yet this year.

Our little Nectarine Tree is still blooming like crazy but it never gives many Nectarines. Haven’t had one yet that’s edible but I just ADORE the color of the blossoms. I want to pain a room that color one day.

There’s the birdhouse hanging in the branches of the Nectarine Tree. We have a tenant.πŸ™‚

Over in my little herb garden….the roses are doing well. I’m happy they come back at ALL at this point! LOL

Live Forever is coming back nicely. It will grow pretty much anywhere. LOL

Lemon Balm is also coming back nicely.

The oregano…notsomuch. Don’t know what happened there but hoping it will spring into life in the coming weeks.

There’s my Choke Cherry (foreground), the Backhouse Lilly Bed (mid-ground) and the Star Magnolia Tree (background). I cut away all of the crap and cut back the cherry. The Backhouse Lillies seem to be doing better now that have more sunlight.πŸ™‚

There’s the real “master of the house”, Harry, taking notice of his Kingdom and noting that he really is king of all he surveys.πŸ™‚

Let’s go up to the deck for a minute….

Strawberry plants. Trust me, no one is more surprised that they survived the winter in pots more than I am!

Along the Foxglove and Praying Mantis Pods in the flower box under the window, Mother blessed me once more

Yes, that’s a Praying Mantis Pod on one of my Strawberry plants! I was yanking the old stuff out of the pot and noticed it just before my hand closed down around it. Glad I saw it in time.

Hope your Spring is going well!!!!!
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