Sex & Religion

Ok, it’s time to write that Bacchanalia. You know, the orgy.

I hate this crap.

I was looking forward to it, I really WAS. Then I hit ‘the wall’.

The last time I did anything resembling group sex was near the end of Daughter of the Gods.

Hell, I don’t even do threesomes all that often. Your mileage may vary but, personally, I just don’t like them. Yes, I’ve actually had my share of them, I am intimately familiar with their inner workings and dynamics. For raunchy animalistic fucking they’re ok but just ok. I don’t think there’s anything sexier, more sensual, hotter, or more powerful than a couple making love. I always hate to cheapen that sacred act by adding in new partners.

I often get dragged into the darker side of my stories and sometimes I go with much glee. When it comes to this stuff it always makes me feel icky and dirty…well, before it makes me feel hot if I’m lucky. If I’m unlucky I end up feeling like I need to take a long hot salty bath, confess my sins, and do penance for my wicked deeds.

They call that; Lingering Catholic Guilt.

I don’t think I’ll ever be rid of it. Nope. It will always loom over my head like a storm cloud. 14 years of CCD and 6 years of Sunday School cannot be undone in one lifetime. What a pisser.

I sit here with my Pagan Self arguing with my Recovering Catholic Self and listening to The Big Guy ROAR with laughter as he tells me he doesn’t think I’m as ‘progressive’ as I like to think I am.

Thanks, Dude, I really needed that vote of ‘confidence’.

I keep telling myself we’ll just do this Down n Dirty then…later in the story…when ‘Raven’ meets ‘Lenora’ and they have sex for the first time we can ‘do it right’…sorta like with ‘Nick’ and ‘Annie’ in DOTG. Yet, I’m just not buyin’ it. I know it would be good…maybe even GREAT ;)….still….eh….nah.

I am helplessly stuck.

The ONLY thing The Big Guy and I can agree on is where this scene is concerned is that he’s gonna get pissed and walk out…at some point. We can’t have him ‘involved’ too much cuz he wants at least give the illusion of being the ‘Good Faithful Husband’ but a little contact will be ok as long as we don’t go overboard. After all he is ARES and as far as he’s concerned not only should he be The God of War but the God of SEX too! Damnit! LOL

Eatin’ ain’t Cheatin’

Shut the fuck up.

I don’t really mind GIVING Raven a new woman as a little giftie. That’s ok with me.

Aphrodite’s here and, naturally, she wants her shot at the boy before he gets his gift. I don’t really wanna deal with Father watching Son screwing his Ex-Lover.

That’s not ‘incest’ right? Well, ok, kinda, Aphrodite is Raven’s Great-Aunt in our pantheon. Yeah, FINE! It’s ALL incest! LOL They’re all related to each other in one way or another and they’re all gonna get hot and sweaty. This should be FUN but…

I feel like I’m being dragged behind a very strong horse into this scene. (Ok maybe it’s a wolf that’s dragging me)

You’re no Greek

No shit! I’m German/Irish Catholic/Baptist/turned-Pagan….remember? Why you picked me I’ll never know.

There must have been a reason.

Well, other than outright TORTURE your reasoning escapes my little white ass at the moment.🙂

The older I get the farther from ‘Hell’ I’d like to stay. So…I dunno….Maybe I’ll just start writing Children’s Bedtime Stories?

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