Today hubby and I learned one of our childhood idols passed away

Rest in Peace, Dick Clark. You will be missed.

Hubby and I sat there over our morning coffee discussing all of the hours we had spent in front of the TV watching “American Bandstand” or “Soul Train” and the hours we spent in front of transistor radio listening to Casey Kasem count down the Top 40.
Good times. Kids don’t do things like that anymore.

After he left and I started thinking about making this blog entry I had an epiphany! On the toilet, of course.🙂 I was thinking of how to word this and letting my mind drift back to all of those “teen idols” from my youth when an image so old it was nearly forgotten flashed into my head.

That’s the very first ALBUM I ever received. My mind recalled that it came with a poster that MY MOTHER hung on my wall….in 1970! I tried to recall the exact poster and I think I did but I couldn’t find it. This will have to do

I played the CRAP outta that record on a box-record player…it looked something like this

I played it so much (at age 4!) that my mother had to buy me another one and when she did this accompanied it

Along with more poster that she put on my wall.

As I was sitting on the throne, at this point I realized, that I too had been a victim of the ‘boy band’ phenomena. I had. Shameless! I also remembered saying ‘good night’ and ‘good morning’ to those posters on a consistent basis. I seem to recall whispering secrets to them as well. I was so madly in love with Bobby Sherman at such a tender age that I BEGGED my mother for this…and I got it! Wish I still had it!!!

Yes, that was my very first lunch box. I took it to Kindergarten! LOL All of the other girls had lunchboxes with pretty ponies, princesses, castles, maybe Mickey Mouse but I was the only one in class with a hunk on mine.🙂

A few years rolled by, not many, maybe one or two, and my mother put another picture on my wall.

That’s Donny Osmond for those of you don’t already know.

While I liked the “Donny and Marie Show” I happened to like the “Six Million Dollar Man” better so the very first picture I put on my wall was

Lee Majors the original “Steve Austin”. Hell, I even joined the Lee Majors Fan Club and got an autographed picture…which I also wish I still had! Total bummer. That picture went on the wall too and I kissed it ‘good night’ every night. I was 8. hahaha

Yeah, and BTW, don’t laugh at the clothes! It was the 70s and, believe me, all of these gentlemen were in ‘high style’ for the times!

Right around the same time, a show I was just coming to know was just going off the air and I watched it mainly in reruns on a religious basis. Next picture on the wall was….

David Cassidy

Yeah, no one is more amazed me than me and probably Danny Bonaduce that he’s the one who survived into the next century while all the rest fell off the map! Well except for Susan Dey who did “LA Law” for a while. I love watching Danny on “World’s Dumbest….”. Makes me laugh all the time!

Then we started moving out of the 70s but not before this guy went on the wall

Richard Hatch. Every other girl I knew fell for “Starbuck” but not me, I went straight for “Apollo” (sign of things to come, perhaps????) Of course I was familiar with him long before the original “Battlestar Galactica” because I fell in love with him on “All My Children” when he played ‘Philip Brent’

But you couldn’t get a poster for that.

Yes, by the way, is anyone seeing a pattern yet??????

OK, to the 80s when my friends and I went to see a flick called “Little Darlings”, truth be told it’s still a guilty pleasure for me. hehehehe Mostly cuz it came with this….

Matt Dillon

Yeah, that went on the wall almost immediately and broke my mother’s heart as it was the first signal my days of swooning over ‘clean cut boys’ was o-v-e-r

Who can resist?

Years went by, not too many, and a few more gentlemen made my bedroom walls.

Andy Gibb–probably nearly the best thing Disco ever put out.

Rex Smith captured my heart in truly AWFUL made for TV movie entitled “Sooner or Later”. I played the shit outta that 8 track!


An 8 Track is one of the above for those who don’t remember😉

See….not EVERY guy on my wall was ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ I did allow a few blondes in here and there but they never stuck around very long. Until I bought an album entitled “Women and Children First”. OH I thought my mother would have a heart attack when I put this poster on the wall!

David Lee Roth–sweet steamy dreams ensued! Oh yes, yes, they did!

But it wasn’t too long afterward when a certain band started showing up more and more on my walls until they booted everybody else off the walls.

Ok, ok, I admit it. While I did have a LOT of pics of the ‘other three guys’ this guy was ALL around my bed!

Paul Stanley–this EXACT poster hung to the left of my bed.

This pull-out from “Sixteen Magazine” hung to the right of my bed!!!!

Literally there were so many pictures and articles on KISS on my walls they were wallpapered! You couldn’t tell that under all the clippings were royal blue walls at all!

Anyway, it was right around this time that my box record player hit the garbage and was replaced by a

A “compact stereo system” complete with radio, cassette player, and turn table. Yeah, it also came with several sets of these

Let’s just say my parents weren’t real fans of my style of music!

So, back to that pattern and that discovery. Did you put 2 and 2 together yet? No, take another look at those gentlemen and then take a look at these gentlemen

That’s my Dad and my Mom prior to 1955

Yes, that’s me in 1984 and my then-boyfriend, Phillip. We dated for two years. Yes, he is older than me by a good stretch.

Now look at this guy

There’s my wonderful hubby!

Just to pull the whole together for those of you who still aren’t getting it

My obsession with tall, dark, handsome men….. started with my mother! Yes, that’s the epiphany I came to while sitting on ‘the best seat in the house’. So all you blondes out there, wherever you are and no matter how handsome you may be…you can blame my mother for lack of interest in you. She started it all with this

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  1. Ha I got your hubby pegged for him long time ago lol he he and I’m with ya on the crushes with exception of Sherman lol…

  2. that was fun to read. and i really dig your hubby.

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