Seeking Betas and Critiquers For Rising Son

I’ve put the first six chapters of “Rising Son” online in a super secret location. If you’re up to the task of being a beta reader or you would just like to offer your opinions and comments as the story progresses, leave a comment on this entry and, if I know you or have been in contact with you prior today, I’ll send you the link to Chapter Two! Right now Chapter One is available to All. Child of War-Rising Son Chapter One Beta Installment

Any Volunteers?

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  1. you have to ask? maybe i should ask the big guy to punish you sweetly and slowly hihi you got my info, just point and tell me what to do

  2. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    Hi Lisa: I’ve spread the word for you so I hope you get some volunteers. Good luck! Lynn

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!!😀

  4. I Would Love To Be A Beta

  5. Thanks to all you nice ladies for volunteering! If you click this link you’ll be taken to the first chapter. The first 5 1/2 to 6 chapters are currently available to read straight through. Not sure Ch. 6 is actually finished yet. Please offer your comments/opinions/feedback on each chapter as you go along–positive and negative, anything you particularly liked/hated…whatever. If you find any glaring typos/errors please let me know. Some of the formatting is screwed up where quotation marks (” “) and apostrophes ( ‘) are concerned but I’ll fix them in the final layout. Thanks again to all and I hope you’ll enjoy.

  6. i wanted to start reading the first chapter again, but it seems both links aren’t working? my fault or you fiddling with pages? or just the net being fickle? (last one wouldn’t surprise me one bit!)

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