Needy Pathetic Writer Inside

It’s not a stereotype, the Needy Pathetic Writer…it really isn’t. I know because I am one! We’re always seeking reassurance that we’re on the right track or, at the very least, what we’ve written doesn’t totally blow chunks! “Professional” writers are no different except that they have editors/agents/publishers to “beta” and “critique” their work as they go along and then a highly paid professional to give it a final polish. Lowly like Indies like me have to rely on our readers and friends for such things.

Thank the Gods for them!

I put out the call two days ago for volunteers to Beta/Critique “Rising Son” or at least the first 6 chapters of it. When I did fanfiction and I put stuff up chapter by chapter feedback was immediate and I MISS THAT. Oh! How I miss it! It’s not that I want my ego constantly stroked…though I admit that is very nice😉 Mostly, I just want to know what I’m writing doesn’t totally blow chunks! IF it does then some feedback on why/where/how is required so I can FIX it. Writers are almost always too damn close to their own work to be objective and we need input from others because of it. We’d like to have it before we put out a “final product” just so we don’t fall flat on our faces.

That and, well, other than the Big Guy, feedback is the highest form of inspiration. Never mind a pay check….though I’d never turn one down.🙂 It keeps me going even when the going is tough, especially when the going is tough I imagine.

My call for volunteers was answered by several people and I took all of them on. Some of them I’ve known a long time here on the Internet but I took a chance on a few people I don’t really know at all. What the hell? The pages are locked down as tightly as I can get them so…why not. I know that’s difficult for some of my volunteers they want files they can print, hold, and read in their favorite easy chair. I’d love to give them to them but piracy is such a goddamn problem on the Internet I just don’t dare do it anymore. Almost every single day at least one person hits this blog or my site looking to download my stuff free. I have to guard against chances of that happening. Sucks.

I sent a printable version of chapter 6 to our friend Mokkelke because that’s where I was really stuck. She was kind enough to read it and offer her feedback. Sometimes, all you need is someone to talk to for five minutes in order to SEE the direction you’re already going in. We threw a few emails back and forth and I finally decided my original idea for the chapter was probably the best. So it will stand as it is with a few more paragraphs added to the bottom just to “tie it all up”. hehehe

So today the Big Guy and I will start Chapter 7 Highway to Hell and we’re looking forward to it. We haven’t been to the Underworld for a while and I’ve got a few ideas hanging back there collecting dust in the old DOTG files that we’ll take a look-see at and maybe polish up and use bits and pieces. At least we’ve decided to pick up and start moving forward again, that is always a good thing.

Feedback is coming in on the other chapters already as well, so far my coding is working, but I’m waiting to see if the links get passed around. Yes, I MISS the days of seeing 2,000 hits a day on a single story, of course I do. People so rarely drop an email or leave a review but they’ll stalk the hell out of me. I’m not really getting that one. If you like someone’s work you should tell them. Tell them often so they keep at it and you can keep enjoying it.

Anyway, feedback is good so far. They’re enjoying the story and, thankfully, feeling free to give their opinions. Everyone loves to hear ‘you’re so great!’ but, at this stage of the game, I NEED to hear what sucks too. So far, little seems to suck. Well expect for Chapter 6, of course, there’s a lot of ‘sucking’ going on there. I’m surprised because, as with “Child” I REALLY could have sworn the whole damn thing sucked monkey balls. But….I guess not. They still like the romance between Ares and Alena. They like Rose. They can’t wait to see what happens with Raven. All very good signs.

Phew. That’s a load off, huh?

Many thanks to those who have taken up this challenge. The more feedback, positive and negative, that you give me at this point the faster this story will get written and, well, you know, the less SoCo I’ll need to rely upon although that chocolate vodka really did help quite a bit when writing Chapter 6. hahahahaha Once we ditched the Big Guy from the scene the rest of it went fairly easily even though getting over the Recovering Catholic Guilt thing still wasn’t easy. People must think I am the biggest pervert…ever. They must think I get oodles of wicked pleasure out of writing scenes like that and the truth is…it is damn hard work!

Ok, it’s hot and steamy work but still….it’s hard too.

Did someone say hard?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re on deck, dude. Let’s rock!

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  1. If you ever need a beta reader, yell!

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