Playin’ Catch Up

Hubby came home yesterday.

He glared at me, shook his head, smirked.

He fixed the tire on the mower in like 5 minutes.

Why do they teach boys this stuff and not girls? Is it so, in some minor way at least, we will always have ‘need of a man’?


We cut the grass together. I rode the mower around the side and back while he cut the front and closer to the edges with the push-mower. This second cut came out nice. It’s actually starting to look like a yard again. I even managed to get the big mower around some of the Foxglove down back so it’s easier to see now. Yeah!

Almost time to put the plants out there for the season but I think hubby has an eye to recoating the deck in the near future. That’s not bad. It doesn’t take long. Now that the Kitchen Project is temporarily on hold he needs something to do. The last drawer came out wonderfully and Cousin keeps sending me texts about the cutting board. He seems very exciting but will not send me a pic. Bummer. He wants to see our faces when we gaze upon it for the first time. I have no doubt he’s done a first rate job.

We’re going to be having a house guest for a while, maybe starting tonight. A friend of ours has been displaced by a fire…and a double murder. Yeah, the town was all abuzz about that for a while. We offered him a place to stay for a while and get his head and stuff together. Now that we have a ‘spare bedroom’ we can do things like that again. It doesn’t actually have a bed…hadn’t gotten around to redoing the room just yet. But it’s got a comfortable Lazy-Boy. It’ll be strange having a long-term house guest again but, if it were me or one of my family, I’d want someone to step up and do it for them.

I did manage to get a few edits done on “Rising Son”. I futzed with Ch 1 a bit and added that extra part into the end of Ch 6 so I think we’re ok for now.

ATTENTION PLEASE: To anyone who was legitimately following along on the website but did not contact me…those pages no longer exist. I have emailed those who were following along AND offering feedback as requested. Those nice folks will continue to receive updates. They will not be left behind nor will their kindness go unrecognized. IF you asked to be a Beta Reader but didn’t contact me when you finished reading please email me at this time.

The rest of you…..pffffft.

Yeah, it didn’t take long for the link to leak. By the time the third person I couldn’t recognize came in, tried to steal it, realized they couldn’t, then read online and fled away without so much as a word to me, well I knew I couldn’t leave it. So totally sucks, it really does. I hate having my fun ruined. I really do like to let people come along for the ‘full ride’ but only if they actually want the ride and not just a freebie. I didn’t mind if the link leaked a little but I would have appreciated it if those folks could have said something to me. Anything would have been fine.

My apologies to the rest of you.

Now I’m going to see if we can’t start our trip into the Underworld while I wonder what’s for dinner. Been a while since I cooked for a guest. Ordering Chinese Food sounds good.🙂

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  1. Yesterday I replaced the drain thingy in my sink. OK, I may not know the technical term, but I got the job done! It was one of those chores that my dear husband promised he’d take care of … two weeks ago. But I’m retired and he’s not. So, I went online and found a video showing exactly what needed to be done. Easy-peasy!

    • LOL! Go Sandra!!! I wrestled with that darn tire yesterday, I had almost everything right but it wouldn’t hold any air. Hubby refused to show me the secret! hahahaha

  2. I have no male in the house with me (except my 4 yr old) and I hate calling my dad for help so I do everything myself. Last month my riding lawn mower wouldn’t work so I got a new battery and it still wouldn’t start. I started getting mad and bouncing up and down while cussing and like magic it started. So now i just have to act like I’m having sex with my lawn mower for it to do what I want lol.

    • Hummmm….your mower must be a male.🙂

      If the battery is under the seat, I’d say the connectors aren’t hooked up quite right and need a bit of tightening. But bouncing around is good for the heart so….your choice! LOL

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