A Little Nervous

Ok, so, like…ya know…yesterday’s post An Age Old Subject garnered over 1,000 hits since I posted it!That beats my “personal best” for a single day’s blog hits by over 200 hits!! I guess I picked a really hot topic yesterday. Yes, and I ‘tagged’ it correctly. I know how to use ‘tags’ it’s just, sometimes, some things, are more for my ‘regular visitors’ than the ‘open market’. BUT I did go back and properly ‘tag’ several prior posts and they are getting good hits. I also promoed at the end of each of those blogs giving my book covers and links for the OF WAR Series hoping my blog musings might translate into a few books sales.🙂

If that wasn’t amazing enough…..I now have TWO job interviews tomorrow!

Oh my!

I haven’t been on a job interview since 2003…at least! I can’t remember just exactly when I started at my last job because it was sooo long ago! LOL.

Come 10am tomorrow morning I interview at a local law firm that I dealt with quite a bit through my last job and they also handled my parents’ ‘affairs’. They called right away and seemed very interested in interviewing me ASAP. I can do this job, I know I know I can. They’re looking mainly for someone to help out in their real estate department. When the market was booming we must have done 5-7 closings a week. I can do that in my sleep as far as preparing deeds/HUDS and things goes. It’s part-time BUT it’s local and with a rather prestigious firm where I probably would receive yearly raises just as matter of course…as it should be. So I’m looking forward to that.

At 1pm I have an appointment in Bozrah, which is a bit out of my ‘comfort zone’ but it’s a job I know I could do from home if I could talk them into it. They’re looking for someone to maintain/update two existing web sites, do graphics, and expand their client’s web visibility. I could probably do that in my sleep too. My ‘Google Profile’ takes up the first 3 pages of Google. I’d be very happy to do the same for another company.

I wouldn’t be ‘bored’ with either job. Both sound good to me.

On the major plus side, both appear to be part time which would leave me the space I need to write.

Speaking of which, “Rising Son” has had 4 more pages added to it today. I went back to some old DOTG stuff and revamped it. I’ve already drawn a map into the Under World so I thought I’d just use it. Besides, there’s no law against plagiarizing yourself! LOL. Oh well, Raven is deep into the Under World now. I think I’ll get back to it for a bit, try to let my nervous energy work for me, and see how far we can get into Tartarus. Maybe we can get up to, even a little past, the entrance to The River Phlegethon where we’ll be halfway through this chapter. Provided he’s successful, and I think he will be, Raven should be on his way to the Elysian Fields with the recovered Shade soon.

Wish me luck on all counts!

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  1. PapaWolf Bratt the Bratt Prince of the Universe

    Go get’em sis. maybe i should give ya keys to my site and at least put up good frontpage huh?
    hope ya get the local. you not so good driving far way alone.
    Give my bro a hug and kiss for me.

    • Thanks! Poppa said I should forget about the job in Bozrah so I’ll call them later today and tell them I won’t be coming. I don’t do so good on drives alone AND our vehicles suck! I can’t imagine either one of them making the (rather short) commute for very long.

  2. PapaWolf Bratt the Bratt Prince of the Universe

    good move, though would have put ya closer to colchester bakery lol

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