The Job Interview

I’m back…obviously…all went well at my interview this morning. I was sooo nervous. I haven’t done that in so long I didn’t know what wear, what to say, what not to say. I had butterflies in my stomach so bad I almost didn’t go! The receptionist was a very nice lady who took pity on me and told me not to be nervous, the two lawyers interviewing me were ‘nice guys’.

She was right. They were very nice. One of them is the husband of another lawyer we did a lot of work with so he was familiar with my old job and all of the crazy pitfalls that came with it since his wife does the same type of work.

They’re definitely a little bit more tech savvy in that office which would be good for me. I told them the truth about my old job and its lack of technology. They didn’t seem surprised in the slightest to hear I did ALL contracts/deeds/accountings and so on by hand using only WORD. They have better software that I would get to use if I get the job, I would like that. I would be helping out with secretarial stuff in their real estate department but their probate/estate department might be able to use a little help too. That’s good with me. I know all of the basics of what they do it would just be a matter of catching up with the new software and falling into a routine. They’re close by, just down the street from my old office, so I like that too. But I won’t know anything until next week because all 8 lawyers in the firm have to come to an agreement on who to hire.

Hoo boy! You ever try to get 8 people to agree on anything? Never mind 8 lawyers??? LOL

I know what they mean and I’m sure they have other people to interview although they were surprised by my quick response to their ad on Craig’s List. They made sure I knew it was part-time, probably Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00-3:30…with a half hour for lunch! WOW! There’s a “perk” I didn’t get at my old job….lunch. What a concept!🙂 Do you know that not once, not ONCE, in all the years I worked for her did my old boss even offer to take me out to lunch. She, of course, went nearly everyday at the end there. Nope. Not one time. The hours would still leave plenty of time for writing so “Rising Son” shouldn’t suffer if I return to the Work Force. That would also be good. It’s a good firm, fairly good-sized too, their clientele is not made up of 90% State Pay clients so that could mean that small things like yearly raises may not be knocked off the table. Also a plus.

So let’s hope I get this job.

I had to drive by my old office to get there, it’s like the third or fourth time I’ve driven by since my departure. Old boss’ car hasn’t been out there in months and there’s nearly a real For Sale sign on the property. Almost. It’s better than the one that was up there anyway. I discovered where she moved to during my interview. She’s renting space downtown in a building with other lawyers. That’s nice. But all I could think was; she probably will NOT be walking away from another 8 grand now that she has to pay rent! Yeah, those days and her days of 90% State Pay Clients are probably over if she wants to make rent/lights/phone/her own pay every month. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kathy, I really do, she’s a great person she’s just a lousy businesswoman, that’s all. I could have been perfectly happy working for her until she retired if I could have gotten a little more ‘hands on’, been able to update the office to better software/equipment, and, yes, given a lousy 2% yearly salary increase. I would have been very happy indeed, nice, sweet, polite, but after so many years with nothing it got damn hard to go in with a smile and be nice to absolutely insane and demanding people. I would have loved to have been able to update the client’s financials and gotten everyone set with online bill pay but she wouldn’t go for it. We could have zeroed out the need to type up monthly letters and send out checks. We could have paid everything from client’s rent, to their utility bills and more with a few keystrokes. I tried to tell her how easy it would be and how much more efficient the office would become. She didn’t ‘trust’ online bill pay or something. When she finally did set up a few client accounts online,(at another person’s suggestion!!) she wouldn’t let me handle it! Every time she wanted to check an account balance, instead of asking me to do it, I had to move away from the computer. That was kind of insulting, to tell you the truth. If I wanted to steal from clients (who have nothing to begin with) I had everything I needed; names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, social security numbers, I could have perpetrated Identity Theft all over the place. I didn’t need online access to accounts to do that. She never wanted to give up control and let me handle the things I should have been handling on her behalf. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now.

Ya know what? I made sure the two gentlemen interviewing me knew all of that. I told them I would have loved more responsibility at the office but she was too much of a “hands on” type of person.

Anyway, I went on my first job interview in a decade! I made it through without tripping over my tongue or making a complete fool of myself. So…yeah, go me! LOL

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  1. ooh that sounds like it went really well! will be rooting for ya that you get positive news! but dear me 8 lawyers have to agree? dang that is gonna be hard work 0.o

  2. PapaWolf Bratt the Bratt Prince of the Universe

    gluck sis, hope ya get it

  3. Good luck with the job!

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