Racism in America

Hubby came home the other day and said he’d seen the most awful bumper sticker. He was shocked by it and couldn’t believe it actually read what it read. He told me all about it and I thought it must be some type of fluke. Some idiot who had a couple bumper stickers made up to express a very ugly opinion.

When he mentioned it again today before going to work I decided I would go to the Almighty Google and check it out. Other than to say “I am so sorry!” to like…the entire human race….I don’t have any idea what to say to the following so I’m just going to let the images speak for themselves. When you’ve had a chance to take them in and if my stomach has stopped churning maybe we’ll discuss this more at the end of the post.

Ready? Here we go….

OK, wow, sorry about that but I thought you should be aware of what’s going on. Have you lost your lunch yet? My coffee’s is turning bitter in my tummy as I type this.

We all know the following statement is a true, yet sad, fact of life: Opinions are like Assholes–Everyone’s Got One and Everyone Thinks Their Doesn’t Stink.

The above reeks to high heaven. In fact, it probably makes the Devil blush and pat himself on the back for doing such a good job with all the lovely Christian-type folks. I’d bet my mortgage payment that 99% of people running around with such a bumper sticker/t-shirt whatthefuckever also reports to be a Good Christian with Family Values and Traditional Morals.

They just weren’t telling us those Traditional Morals and Values came from

Yeah, true, they may have ‘hired’ a better PR Firm for this it is slightly more subtle than burning a cross on someone’s lawn but not by much. It’s obvious they don’t only think their shit doesn’t stink they think they’re oh so witty.


As if Obama hasn’t had enough problems and utter bullshit thrown in his face over the last four years. He is an American Citizen…of the natural variety. He has every right to run for and be President of the United States if duly elected by the citizenry. Get over it already.

I’m not going to sit here and give you some preachy Flower Child speech but I will say that part me thought we had gone past this type of bigotry and I am greatly saddened to know we have not. BUT, if Barack Obama had been Barry O’Toole doing and saying the same things Barack Obama has said and done well Barry O’Toole would be lauded and he’d be re-elected and there wouldn’t be a lot of Irish jokes on bumper stickers. (Though we Irish take such jokes in stride and in fine humor, that is true.)

I guess we, as John Q. Public, should be happy that, after four years or pure and utter bullshit, some jerkwad actually ponied up the balls to put his money where his ugly mouth is and put the Closet Racism out there for all to see. Now we can pick it apart, have a good look at it, and a good look at ourselves.

If you don’t like someone…then you don’t like them. There’s no law that says you have to. But how about not liking someone cuz they’re a liar, a cheat, a thief, an asshole, and so on. In other words; for a real reason. What is the point in not liking someone based on the color of their skin? I never got that one. I never got the point in not liking someone based on their religion either. Here’s another thing I don’t get the point of….maybe this is a bit racist…but….how come no one seems to remember that our President is “half white”? Just a question, that’s all.

As we watch the rest of 2012 Election unfold I think we should watch a little closer and listen a little harder to what’s really being said. Should be interesting.

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  1. PapaWolf Bratt the Bratt Prince of the Universe

    great thoughts sis.

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