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Hubby came home yesterday and told me that I should go to the Almighty Google where I would discover that ‘renig’ was the proper way to spell the word. I told him he was full of shit, it’s not spelled renig it’s renege. there is absolutely positively NO hyphen in the word. I typed ‘renig’ into spell check and, as it’s doing here on WordPress, it came up underlined in red alerting me to a misspelling. Then to satisfy him I did go to the Almighty Google and typed in ‘renig’, I was promptly asked if I meant ‘renege’. However, the first four hits also provided me with:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary the interesting thing here isn’t the ‘definition’ but the Comment Section…most of it proving my points in yesterday’s post.
The Urban Dictionary

After that it’s mostly chatter about racial slurs and Anti-Obama stuff.

So….you can use the links or the Almighty Google for yourself and decide if not-so-closeted racism exists in this country.

End of that subject, well, ya know, for now anyway.

The Kitchen Project….

The cabinets are done! The ugly drawer has been repaired and Cousin presented us with a cool new cutting board on Sunday. Here’s a refresher for ya🙂

Our old cutting board

Yeah, when the first side got too bad to use anymore I just flipped it over and did the same to the other side! Gee, do you think we ate a few wood shavings over the years? LOL

NEW cutting board!

OOOOOOO pretty! I was very pleasant surprised when he gave it to us. I was expecting just, ya know, a nice piece of wood I could cut on but he went way beyond that to give me a nice piece of Art.

Remember the ugly busted drawer?


All together now…..

There is no more varnishing! Soon it’ll be on to the counter tops. Cousin also showed up with a giftie that made my hubby giddy; a table saw. I can see there is lots of remodeling/building/refinishing of things in our future. LOL

Rising Son…..
Is coming along. The first six chapters have been beta’d and edited. We are now deep in the Underworld. We’re doing a very strange combination of Traditional Greek Mythology and….Dante’s ‘Inferno’. Very strange. We are about to approach the crumbling walls of Dis and meet the Furies who have a neat way getting into Raven’s head. This should be interesting. Since The Big Guy and I decided we’re just trotting down our merry little road here I’m trying not to be overly concerned with word count. We’ll probably do three Trials before Raven has to leave Olympus and I want each one to be as long as they take. If we have to split the story up into three parts that will be fine. When it’s finished I imagine it will be as long as “Heart” if not a little longer.

Job Interview….
I have another one this afternoon. This one came out of the blue. I’ve been using Craigs List as I’ve found that most of the LOCAL jobs are being posted there and not on Career Builder or Monster. I put in a few resumes a week through CL. Rebecca had my phone yesterday, she comes trotting down the stairs and whispers; “There’s a lawyer on the phone for you. What do you want me to do?”

“Gimme the phone,” I whispered back. I was expecting it to be the law office I interviewed with last week but it was someone completely different. It’s a smaller but busy office (two lawyers like before) I worked with this place a little bit through my old office, in fact it’s right up the street from there. They’re looking for a straight secretary/receptionist type person. I believe they have at least one paralegal so, with any luck, that would mean I would not be responsible for typing briefs/motions and never-ending contracts. There wasn’t any talk of doing those things anyway, not that I would mind too much. Especially if someone’s on vacation and ‘slack’ needs to be picked up. But, after all of these years of typing, I really am trying to save what’s left of my finger joints for writing.🙂 As described over the phone they’re looking for someone to answer the phone, direct calls, take messages, type regular daily correspondence and send out the bills. I don’t know if it’s full or part time yet but I guess I’ll find out today. I’ll report back later on how it goes.

In The News…..
There’s a lot of things going on in the world but for the last two days this one has made chuckle and shake my head. N.J. Tanning Mom. Look, I don’t know what this woman’s deal is but I do know that every time I changed a channel in the last 48 hours and found someone talking about this the ONE thing they have ALL said is along the lines of; “She’s ORANGE!”

I have no clue as to why anyone would take their 5 year-old to a tanning salon and I think she should lay off the fake sun for a good long while. She looks like beef jerky for cryin’ out loud! Yeah, that’s attractive!

AND THIS has just topped Aunty Moon’s Ultimate Wish List

Jet Man Soars Over Swiss Alps


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