The Job Interview

I know, I’m late. I said I’d post this yesterday. Sorry.

I think the interview went well, it lasted nearly an hour! AND someone finally took ten minutes to show me Excel! WOOT! I am no longer intimidated by this program and I think can kick its butt in less than 3 days. hahaha I would have KILLED to do the bills on Excel in the old office instead of typing out each bill on a WORD document. This thing freakin’ ROCKS. They enter billing every day (what a concept!) and then they bill ONCE a month not whenever they feel like it so there’s a good system in place and no bill will ever get so large that typing it makes my hands throb. A nice plus if you ask me.

The office is small, like my old one but it’s tres chic. No joke. Very upscale. Very pretty….no cheap paneling on the walls.🙂 There’s a dog, a husky. He’s the friendliest thing I’ve ever come across. I liked him. Yeah, the lawyers weren’t bad either. LOL

I would again be the sole support, I was wrong there is no paralegal in the office. But, like I had set up at the old office all of their docs are in templates. I tried so hard to get that system to work in the old office and I was successful with several documents, they worked like a charm. But then something ‘new’ would come across her desk and she’d have to copy it…for no real reason other than it was different or fancier or whatever. Even though this office does more detailed work in criminal/family/litigation and does oodles of Motions and Pleadings, like the old office, the docs are all basically the same. This place recognizes and embraces that fact. So instead of changing stuff around based only on format/font/fancy language preference and other insignificant things, they’ve got it all down through the Art of Simplicity to make the place run as efficiently as possible and not waste time/energy/resources. It’s just simple and easy; form documents for all occasions, just change name/date/case number blah blah blah. I can do that in my sleep.

Their biggest concern seemed to be e-filing with the courts and could I do that? Oh yes, I can scan a document, turn it to a PDF, save it and then open the Court’s site, find the proper page, fill out the info, attach said PDF and print the confirmation. Should take…I dunno…five minutes.

They seemed to like me. I’ve worked with her before, she remembered me and she liked me right off. I think we’d get a long well. We both seem to have a, shall we say, ‘non-traditional approach to life’. Problem is, the economy sucks and even lawyers are suffering. As I heard at the last interview they’re ‘on the cusp of wanting/needing to hire someone’ but are still ‘unsure’. They warned that, full time, I might find myself bored with nothing to do on a semi-regular basis. They asked if I would take the job on a temporary basis for 3-4 months to see how it goes. Sure, why not. If nothing else, if I work 3-4 months it gives me another ‘quarter’ and I’ll qualify for Unemployment again at the end of the stint. I also suggested they take me on a part time basis.

Part time sounds good there, at least to me anyway. I did part time at the old office, zipped all of the work in under 5 hours every day and had the rest of the day to myself. And, ya know, if they can’t really afford office help this would assist them as well. They’d get the extra hand they need, not have to pay through the nose, and the office would run a little smoother for them. I think it works out all the way around but we’ll see.

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  1. Sounds like a good job! I worked part-time for a while and really enjoyed it. (I’m retired now.) For me, it worked out better to work a couple of 8-hour days rather than five half-days. After all, if you factor in the time spent getting dressed and commuting to the office, the day is pretty much gone.
    I hope this new opportunity works out for you.

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