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A good chunk of writing is research and lately I’ve been doing my share on the Underworld. Haven’t been there in a long while, not for any ‘adventure’ anyway so I needed a refresher. I read back through some of the old DOTG stuff and while I still like it, and I can use a few bits and pieces, it doesn’t really fit and we need something new.

Off to the Answer Machine I went. I love the Almighty Google, let me tell you if you’ve got a question and the Almighty Google can’t answer it….the answer does NOT exist!😉

Yesterday, we drew a better picture of the (our) Underworld, went back over some stuff trying to make it clearer and we finally got past the Flaming Shades. Yeah! We’re coming up to the City of the Dead and the Furies so I went back to the Almighty Google where my aged mind was promptly reminded that I am…again…mixing things up.

Not only have we added in a good dose of Dante here but I’m wandering off to Roman Mythology without even thinking and, by the way,

I hate those damn Romans! Liars! Thieves!They stole everything from the Greeks…everything! Then they had the gall to turn around and…..

That’s enough, dude, I know, I know, But you gotta stop now or we’re gonna lose a few Readers. Ok?

BUT, if we go the traditional route people will be going to the Almighty Google to look up Erinyes and I don’t want them stopping to do that just because they are unfamiliar with the term. If we use ‘Furies’ most people will automatically know what we’re talking about.

You know, my Brother’s name wasn’t ‘Hercules’ it was ‘Heracles’ but that didn’t stop you from using ‘Hercules’, did it?

No, it didn’t.

And I did it for the ‘familiarity aspect’ the name carries with it. If I had used ‘Heracles’ most people would have thought ‘This Chick Can’t Spell!’

Unless you’re an expert these days, Roman and Greek Mythology is nearly interchangeable as far as the masses go. It’s all jumbled it in people’s heads already anyway. You know how it goes; one tale leads to another and another teller and then another and another, then before you know it, Myth and Legend is almost completely rewritten. Much like The Bi—

Don’t do it. I know, I know.

My point is; you wouldn’t be the first and you will not be the last to, shall we say, add your own spin on things. You remember, King James, don’t you?

Personally? No, but I imagine you do.

Funny. Look here, little girl, I know you. You’d rather have three wickedly gorgeous and sinister women than two ugly ones, yes?

Well…DUH. The masses would too, I would imagine.

I concur, so what’s the problem?

Well, as long as you’re on board and you’re sure we’re not gonna piss off your wonderful Relatives…..

Eh, who cares about them?

Ahhhh, I do(?) I need a lightning bolt to the head about as much as I need a fireball up the butt so….

You keep writing what I whisper and let me take care of my Family, hummmm?

All right, three Furies, one City of the Dead (City of Dis), and….hey!

Yes, you got the name of the river surrounding Tartarus correct and you got most everything else about the place right too. A little embellishment, who cares? It’s a story. Read my lips here; st-or-y.

I’ll tell you what you can do with your lips!

A few more chapters down the road, my dear, a few more chapters down the road….

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