Avengers, Countertops, New Books, OY!

In honor of my ‘new job’ we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings the other night, it’s new, it’s the first time we went. It was ok. It wasn’t great since they slathered BBQ sauce all over my burger, which I did not want. BUT it was definitely ok. If you haven’t gone and you love wings, give it a shot.

While at the mall, we went to FYE and picked up a few flicks. We had intended on going to see “The Avengers” but it was opening weekend and we didn’t make it. So, we picked up “Captain America” (so we’d be up-to-date when we did see “Avengers”), “Contraband”, I have a soft spot for the Wahlberg kid now that he’s not running around like an idiot in baggy pants anymore, and “The Grudge”. OK, the last one was TWO BUCKS. I couldn’t pass it up even thought I knew I was going to get a good ration from Miss Rebecca when I got home. I did.🙂

We watched “Captain America”. Good flick. Glad I didn’t pay to see it in a movie house but good flick nonetheless. Haven’t watched “Contraband” yet and “The Grude” did not hold my interest. I am told to watch it when not making friends with Old Toby and I will enjoy it better.😉

Last night we went to see “The Avengers” and we took Miss Rebecca with us. We don’t have too many more chances to go out with her, I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s on her own so we thought we’d share the evening. We went to Olive Garden first and she told me she’d never been to Olive Garden! I didn’t think that was right, but, ok. Hubby took lots of pics of us doing our Happy Food Dances in the booth! LOL Then it was on to the movie.

I confess, I LOVE “Iron Man”, I could watch those two movies end to end and back to back for days and be a very happy gal. Robert Downey, Jr. has a place in my heart, oh yes he does. Can you blame me? Just look at him. He is EXACTLY my “type” even if he is on the short side.🙂 We had seen “Thor” and I wasn’t all that impressed but it was good. So we went to the theater and settled in a few minutes before start time. The place was nearly empty! I thought; Oh boy, this sucker didn’t live up to it’s hype, damn!

We sat and watched previews and people can by and past us. I looked behind just before the movie started and the place was near capacity. For good reason. This fucker ROCKS! If you have seen any of the associated movies and even liked them a little bit….go see this flick! I can’t wait to own it!!! Hell, I’d even pay movie house prices to go see it again!

Most awesome. Definitely take it in. Even if you didn’t like any of the associated movies and a buddy buys it when it comes out; bring ’em a six pack and prepare to be dazzled for 2.5 hours. Auntie Moon gives it two thumbs way-the-hell-up and an A+ rating.

Today, we went to Home Depot to look at counter tops. Oh boy! This was no where near as fun as “The Avengers”. Nope. Not one little bit. After pricing what everyone told me would be “a coupla hundred bucks” and coming on the low end to $700.00+ and on the high end to $1,000+ ….well, let’s just say that ain’t my idea of “a coupla hundred bucks”! Nope, it surely is not. We are now looking into tiling the counter tops and back splash. Picked out a few nice slabs of tile and brought them home, I like the colors. I think we could do this for nearly 1/2 the low-ball price. Probably last longer too.

SO….since we did not get the counter tops…hubby got a brandy-dandy NEW GRILL. I felt bad about not being able to get him something really cool for his birthday and Father’s Day is next month so we splurged “a coupla hundred bucks” on a dual grill. One side charcoal and one side gas. It even works as a smoker. He’s putting it together out there right now and he’s very happy. I’m glad. He deserves it.

I got a nice big Rosemary plant and a lavender plant for Mother’s Day. Then I splurged on myself, went to Stop & Shop, and picked up a blue/purple orchid. It was expensive but it’s beautiful. I just hope I can keep it alive.

Other than that…we have…

This book is now available on Smashwords, Kindle, and Nook. Coming soon to print on Amazon. A Window to Magickal Herbalism It is meant to give the person wanting to explore the path of Magickal Herbalism a good starting point. Contains terms/phrases/terminology, information for harvesting, purchasing, drying, and storing herbs. Instructions on how to make infusions, tinctures, ointments, oils, incense, and more. Information on herbs you probably already have in your kitchen. Simple remedies for common aliments. Also includes folklore and ritual use information for association with the planets, Gods/Goddesses, Zodiac and every day rituals as well as use in the rituals of the Wheel of the Year. Also information on Candle Magick and color associations.

This booklet is now available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. Sex, Love, Magick is meant to give instructions on Ritual Sex and harnessing the power of sexual energy for magickal use. It also includes a chapter on Love Magick including a few spells to bring more love into your and poppet spell to bring that certain someone a little closer to you. This book will NOT be available in print.

As a side note; the place I ‘worked’ this week…called THIS MORNING. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel good about a place that feels free to call on a Saturday…from work! I know I’ll have massive work just sitting there waiting for me on Monday mornings and I thought the work Kathy made over a single weekend was bad. Add to that the fact they’ve called me AFTER 9pm and BEFORE 7am and…eh. I dunno.

Anyway, they wanted to talk about ‘paying me’ for my time this week and see what price they could up the salary to. I’ll call them MONDAY and discuss it but I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere. They’re probably impressed by the fact that I could turn a scanned document to a .pdf without be given any instructions. Yeah. That’s sooo difficult.🙂

Off to enjoy the rest of the weekend and do my best to get our buddy Raven out of the Underworld. That probably won’t happen but we might get close.

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  1. i been watching the avengers on pirate site,cant wait to see a real copy, I love all the super hero movies, they are so much better then the ones we had in the late 70′-early 80’s even if they are soft spotted. I love RDJ too, he makes a perfect Stark.

    • He’s awesome, I love his cockiness…go ahead, make a joke! Love you! Oh yeah….somebody’s birthday’s coming up! Geeee…..I wonder…..

      • Sis you love the cock, face it.
        and oh my yes Lisa’s bday is coming up, i got her an awesome prezzie cant say here in case she reads you. she does sometimes.

  2. the avengers rocked!!! i’m happy to know there will come an ironman III and another avengers movie. if you stayed till after the credits you’ll know why.
    hulk was just divine, not to mention tony start hihi he’s priceless all through the movie!!

    as for the “work” call, you never know what they might be willing to pay. maybe do a few crunching numbers and try to come up with a number you really don’t want to go under (keeping in mind the hourly pay you know you should be worth). think realistically getting that pay will be a miracle but aiming for it is never wrong! and if they appear real desperate you might want to settle for something a tad lower but with a promise (in writing, added to contract) they will give an annual raise? i know, it’s an ideal scenario, nonetheless i am rooting for you that the firm realizes what gem they had for a day and want her back. maybe them calling in the weekend is a small sign of it?

    • It’s my meager experience that a boss (or potential boss) who calls on the weekend or late at night is the type of person who will want you to jump for them whenever they say so. Including nights and weekends. I don’t know what to do about this place, I really don’t.

      • probably get back to them on monday and see what they want and take it from there. it really is a fickle situation. i know i can count myself lucky i’m 100% houswife/mother/taxi-mom… and not have to bother with work.(hubbie’s pay is kinda double what a single person makes full-time) but i can understand the need to have to work at some point, not everything in lives comes cheap/free.
        as said here them out, see what they want to offer firstly but maybe be prepared to haggle on the hourly pay, maybe do a search where you have black on white what you should be making, also stating that in previous years you already worked for a low income and don’t want that again and that you would appreciate a yearly raise, since in the previous job you never had one, thinking it was normal but after reading up youknow it isn’t?

  3. fight for a pay you all can agree is doable and maybe some benefits.

    • There won’t be any bennies (other than vacation/regular days off) it’s part-time. I wasn’t talking about Lisa’s birthday….somebody else’s birthday is coming up too!

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