Mother’s Day

Around here that means it’s the official ‘Get Your Butt Outside’ season. LOL. Plants are the traditional gift I receive today and I did, I got them yesterday.

New Rosemary (big one) and lavender. The Rosemary is nice and healthy and it will stay that way right up until March when it will inexplicably die! Does it to me every year. Just before Spring rolls around….choke, gag…buh-bye.

I picked up this little beauty for myself

Yeah, I’m really hoping I don’t kill it! I don’t have much luck with orchids but the color is beautiful. I saw them at Stop & Shop the other day and I froze in my tracks thinking; those can’t be REAL. Some of them were deepest blue I’ve ever seen! This was the very last one so, it was Fate. It was meant to be mine even if it was $30.00! I NEVER spend that kind of money on a SINGLE plant but, since I wasn’t going to get a bunch of flats and hanging pots which would have to come to over $50.00, I thought it would be ok.

Hubby got this….

Today he’s trying his hand at smoking meat for the first time. He’s got a roast (brisket) and some chicken. We’ll see how it goes. But the thing is really cool; charcoal on one side and gas on the other with a side burner. Very nice. Our old gas grill fell to pieces and was put on the curb just two weeks ago. This is a really good ‘upgrade’ and we still have our little Weber kettle grill, which I love.

The yard is popping to life with all kinds of things. I’m still amazed my strawberries made it through the winter in those hanging pots! But check ’em out

Yep, should actually have strawberries in the next few weeks. The plant in the boat out front is doing equally well so that makes me happy.

The tall phlox is spreading like wildfire under the bedroom window….yes, along with a mess of weeds! I try to weed it out all of the time but it does me no good. I like the phlox so I put up with the weeds🙂

Off to enjoy the rest of my day. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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  1. the hubbie got a new toy! be aware for the time to come, smoked bbq’d food for weeks now until he has everything figured out😉

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