TWL-Crawling Out of the Underworld

Wow! We’re finally done with this chapter!

33 pages!


I can envision the other Trials being equally long. Damn good thing we’re just goin’ our own way on this one, huh?

Yeah, in today’s world 17,889 words equals a BOOK! Damn, maybe I should break each Trial into its own ‘book’?

Yeah..nah. That’s ok. We’ll just keep doing it our way and the rest of the world can kiss our fine white ass if they don’t like it.

Ah, problem. My ass isn’t exactly white.

Don’t I know it! But it’s mighty fine nonetheless!

We got so much cool stuff I can’t believe it. I couldn’t bring myself to leave a lot of it behind. I researched my fine white ass off and brought in a whole bunch of mythology. Hopefully it brings the Underworld to life for the reader. This is really Raven’s Redemption Chapter and I like it, damnit! Everything’s starting to turn here and it’s all thanks to Hades who knows exactly what he’s doing.

I know it still needs spit and polish but we took so much time with it that it shouldn’t need too much. I’m exhausted and I’m starving and I can’t wait to get to the next chapter! We’ll wake up Alena with a really big bang and then be off to the next Trial.

Oh, this is good….:)

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