New London: Where is Benedict Arnold When You NEED Him

Yeah, man, my little/big city is still at it. Geez.

I posted yesterday about my sidewalk. Forgot to tell everyone here that on top of that my property taxes are going up…again. I’m not getting anything more (or less!) in return but the City, as always, thinks it’s poor 50% of taxable citizens/businesses have an endless supply of cash that we’re just not coughing up.

Yeah. Right.

Any-hoo, we made the Statewide News Broadcasts over the last few days. Seems our exiting Superintendent of Schools gathered up his balls on his way out the door, called the State, and basically said; “Hey, man, you’re right! These people are freakin’ idiots! HELP!” Here, check it out, New London Superintendent Asks for State Intervention on the New London Patch. I’d give you the link to the article in “The Day” but 1- it’s not much better and 2-with the whole Pay Us thing they got going on, I dunno if you can read it. I know I am still clutching 2 “premium articles” in my death grip just in case WW3 breaks out or there’s something really important I need to know. BUT voting in “The Days'” polls is FREE so I did. It seems that 48% of my fellow citizens agree that this is a move that was long overdue. Good for them! 34% say they wished the City could have cleaned up its act but since it can’t then, yes, this is a good idea. 9% said they felt the City should have been given “more time” (like 30 years isn’t enough???) and another 9% said they thought the City already addressed our failing education system in a sufficient manner. Man, I hope I don’t know any people in that last 9%.

Whether or not the State steps in and actually takes over the school system (which, in a really weird way I am hoping for!) or if it comes in and lays the Smackdown (also sorely needed!) remains to be seen. Whether or not this has a good/bad/indifferent impact also remains to be seen. The last 9% seem to be voicing some Draconian opposition that makes no sense to me. The fact is; we GRADUATE kids that CAN’T SPELL…we do it all the time. Most people in my generation are well acquainted with the phrase; “Excuse me, I’m sorry, I have a New London edumacation.” Not only was my experience with New London High School a tad less than stellar in 1984, most of you who’ve been around ye olde blog a while know all of the trials and tribulations we went through with Miss Nicole and Miss Rebecca when they attended NLHS. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fun. It was downright insulting, degrading, and moronic.

So, if someone’s willing to step and do *something* freakin’ *anything* at this point…I’ll take it. I’ll wait and see what happens rather than prejudging the situation, calling people nasty names, and saying they should be ‘run out of town on a rail’. Yeah, most likely those are the last 9%. Why is it, in most cases, the minority has the loudest ugliest voice?

Next up; Scare Tactics. Gotta love ’em. Since us poor tax paying citizens (and I mean that literally) aren’t willing to pony up for the outrageous 20% tax hike our new Mayor wanted to impose he now wants to cut the Police and Fire Departments personnel. New London to Lose 35 Fire Police Personnel. Of course, the whole thing is really designed to ‘scare’ people into coughing up what they don’t have.

Ok, my second thought was; if we can afford to LOSE THIRTY-FIVE police and fire men….perhaps we had too many to begin with?

Let’s face it my little/big City isn’t New York City. It isn’t Hartford. It isn’t New Haven. It isn’t Bridgeport. Hell, it doesn’t even qualify as Kalamazoo. MOST of the time a good portion of our fire departments just sits around getting paid to do nothing waiting on a call that may or may not come. The City is a whole 3 miles long and I believe we have 3 Firehouses. One idea could be to consolidate the Firehouses since, as stated we are LITTLE/big city. Two of the Firehouses are within, oh, let’s say 1 mile of each other and the third is actually on ‘the far end of town’. How ’bout we put one in the middle of town and call it even? Just a thought. That’s all.

On further inspection, we are also ‘losing’ some ‘jobs’ that were actually ‘vacant positions’. Hummmm. I’m not sure a ‘job’ that doesn’t really exist get ‘lost’, however, knowing this town the way I do, my only REAL hope is that they weren’t actually paying Mr. No Body to do nothing. Trust me, here, that REALLY COULD happen.

We’re lost 10 positions within the Police Department and 25 within the Fire Department and again I ask; did we have too many? I mean, you know, for our particular needs and situation. Was that overkill by any chance? Of course the Unions are insisting on the ‘Last Hired, First Fired’ policy…I don’t particularly blame them, it seems fair. I imagine some of those guys could bow out and take ‘early retirement’ and ‘save’ a few ‘jobs’. It’s something to look into anyway.

Here’s another idea; close the police substations. Town’s 3 miles long, you can get from Point A to Point B in 1.5 minutes with lights and sirens. Besides, here’s a pet peeve of mine, I hate locking up the cops. It’s ridiculous. If you want to be a cop and protect the public…why the hell are you hiding behind a locked door in a building that I pay for? Doesn’t scream ‘courageous’ and ‘dutiful public servant’ to me. Screams ‘coward’ and ‘ineffective’ and ‘I suck at my job’. After all, nobody ‘locks up’ the fire department. Just my .02.

The good news is, it seems our FIRST BLACK firefighter will get to keep his job…even though he WAS the ‘last hired’. Don’t want the NAACP bitchin’ at us or nothing. BTW, I’m finding it hard to believe he actually is “New London’s first black firefighter”. I’m thinking someone botched the record keeping somewhere along the line. Really, for our town, that just can’t be right. If it is then, well that sucks and….good luck at your new job, dude!

Now, come a little closer, get right in here, cuz I’m gonna lay out my plan for bettering the City of New London. Ready? Keep it under your hats now, got it?

Once the fire department gets laid off, we’ll hold a séance and resurrect Benedict Arnold. He can come back, finish what he started during the American Revolution, and we’ll get a clean slate. We’ll cleanse the town the old fashioned way; By Fire. We might even be able to burn away all of the idiocy along with whatever curse this town lives under. (I still say it’s an Indian Burial Ground) Hell, we can even try to get in touch with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow if anyone’s up for that…ya know just for an added little boost and assurance that the job gets done right.

And, ya know, if nothing else comes of it at all, at least I’ll be able to fix “my” sidewalk!

What do you think?

We can do this, I know we can.

So what do you say?

Are ya with me?

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