The Weekend in Pictures

Plus a quick recap….just to bring everyone up to date on some of the more ‘popular’ things I’ve been saying lately.

1-Miss Universe Canada has been crowed and Jenna lost. Awwwwww. That’s a shame. BUT an entire country is redeemed so good for them.

2-New London! Well, now, all of a sudden, all those cops and firemen may not lose their jobs after all.

Yeah, Aunty Moon is almost always right, even when you hate what I’m saying.🙂

Now on to the weekend! Click all/any pics below to make much bigger…some of ’em are pretty ok, if I do say so myself.

Hubby has been grilling and smoking up a storm on his new smoker. He started that damn thing at 8 am…today…SUNDAY. The last hour and a half of my Sunday Snooze was very smelly. The deck is right below our bedroom window!’s worth it.🙂

That is one HAPPY HUBBY! I love to see him smile like that.🙂

Late last week, I got my ass outside, cut the grass and later in the day decided my new little Rosemary and Lavender needed bigger pots. I went to the pot graveyard on the side of my garage, dug out two of the massive pots, churned them up, emptied one of the other pots into them and….

Rosemary looks happier already. I’m praying with all my might that, since the strawberries did so well, the Rosemary might also do as well on the deck in a massive pot. Every year it winter’s lovely right up until April (or so) then it suddenly becomes a dried nicely-smelling twig. For no apparent reason! It drives me nuts.

I put the Lavender into an equally big pot…dragging on those suckers up onto the deck when they’re full ain’t getting any easier! LOL! I wasn’t sure if I should put it in the ground or not so I decided on the pot. Behind it is a houseplant, they were all put outside for the season as well.

Then I came inside only to find myself restless and wanting to be outside. So I dug around for a reason to go back out and found an unopened packet of pea seeds. Yep, back to the pot graveyard, dig out another big pot, fill it up, drag it up the deck, and plant seeds. I put the tomato basket in there so the peas will have something to grow up. If it gets really full I might move them next to the privacy-wall where they could climb that.

Over in my little herb garden, the Lemon Balm is continuing to do very well. In a week or so I can start adding it to my cooking and make tea. A hot cup of fresh Lemon Balm tea before bed, with a little honey, is delightful.

The oregano is bounding back. For a little while there I wasn’t sure it had suddenly died on me. I’ve had that plant for ages. But it’s rebounding well and has even spread out and around the Lemon Balm. Well, I THINK. That particular little patch of Oregano could be Mexican Oregano I planted but I’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out. Right now there isn’t much discernible difference between them.

Live-For-Ever is also doing well. Can you see my little Rose Bush behind it? I keep trying to get a good shot of my two little Roses but never seem to pull it off. They’re so small and I don’t know why, they get a very nice bit of sunlight in that spot. I think they should be bigger.

Now, I want to show you my LADIES! OH, HAPPY DAY! It looks like ALL of them are going to BLOOM in just a FEW WEEKS! There’ll be an ocean of all purple Fairy Bells back there and I can’t wait.

End to end there must be 50 completely WILD FoxGloves growing. I am sooo blessed!

That’s one of the bud stems with a lady bug and another bug. I think the shot came out well even though I didn’t notice the bug on the top at all. I thought it was a piece of fuzz and I was going to pick it off. LOL

The little Nectarine tree is covered in baby Nectarines. They won’t come to fruition, I don’t know why. They’ll drop off pretty soon and then the deer will be all over the back yard again.

Back on the deck, the Strawberries are doing very well. We should have some berries soon.

Yesterday, we went out for a ride and to go see our friend Kevin who had the horrible misfortune of falling off a roof earlier in the week breaking his pelvis, hip, and chipping 3 teeth. Ouch. Poor guy. We stopped and stayed a while, there was an impromptu jam session with hubby and a few other musicians, which was nice on a spring evening. On our way his place we stopped along the Lieutenant River so I could take some pictures.

I happen to really like the one above. If I ever get around to updating the Photography Gallery I think I will put it up for sale…not that anyone buys any pictures, you understand.

Over the week, the New London Times informed me there would be a plant give-away at Ocean Beach Park today at 11am. I was very excited. I even went down there all by myself to check it out and brought a few boxes with me. When I got there they were CHARGING to get in the gate. Huh? That’s supposed to start on MEMORIAL DAY weekend, not this weekend. So I had to turn around and come home. I don’t know about you but in my book “free” plants do not cost $5.00.

I did pick up a few new flowers while we were at Home Depot yesterday, 2 6-packs of deep purple Petunias and 3 6-packs of pink/purple Impatients. I guess later on, I’ll go back to the pot graveyard, see if I have any hanging pots and, if so, put them out front. If not, there are still two big pots left, maybe I’ll fill one with all of them and put it somewhere nice.

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