Still Job Hunting-New Lead

So I’ve done my daily ritual of cruising; Craig’s List, Monster, Career Builder, and Snag a Job. Oh…what fun!

I found ONE job that was worth applying for. ONE. Well, actually I found more than that but…I hate Career Builder! Much more so than Monster or the others they are riddled with “work from home” ads and they all look bogus. Don’t get me wrong, they look GREAT..a little too great. I’m doubting I can actually make $20-$57/hr answering emails for Disney. What do you think? Be AWESOME if it’s on the up & up, though wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I did apply for a job with “The Day” paper. I don’t particularly care for the newspaper itself BUT everyone I’ve ever known who got a job there STAYED there and they were EXTREMELY HAPPY with hours/pay/benefits. That’s what I’m looking for. More than anything else THAT is what I want; to be happy at my job, appreciated, and paid a decent wage. So when I saw their ad for someone to do the legal advertising for them I thought; Hey! That’s right up my alley.

I’m hoping I get it because the best part is; No crazy clients! No one with absolute petty BS ‘problems’ and ‘complaints’. No one to call a billion times on Saturday and Sunday wondering why no one’s calling them back.

Gee…I could actually be working with and for SANE people? I wasn’t sure there were any left in the world. LOL

The job entails gathering information for the ads from phone calls, faxes, and emails then generating the ad. It could be a foreclosure ad, or “looking for Mr. X for paternity test” ad, or “So and So passed away, get your bills and claims in now!” type of an ad. Basically it’s easy, simple stuff. I know I could do a bonzer job for them and that I would enjoy doing it. I could be very happy there for a very long time…or at least the next 15 to 20 years when I hit ‘retirement age’. LOL

Oh yeah, and NO nights or weekends. Whoo-hoo!

I don’t know who does their HR or makes up their Want Ads but they do an awesome job! Check out the ad:

The Day Newspaper Employment Positions
About the Job
The Day Newspaper Employment Positions Eastern Connecticut’s leading newspaper is now hiring: ADVERTISING Legal Advertising Representative We currently have a part-time, 25 hour per week, opening for a Legal Advertising Representative.​ Duties include processing legal and foreclosure notices, preparing affidavits and performing other duties as assigned.​ You must be able to accurately type 50 wpm, prioritize your workload to meet daily deadlines, manage multiple projects at once and be skilled at verbal and written communication.​ Accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to maintain neat and organized files are critical.​

See, nothing about wanting shiny happy people, having a “congenial workplace”, wanting a “superstar”, convoluted shifts, or having to work with ‘technologies’ the poster themselves are unfamiliar with.

When job hunting, this is the type of ad we should all be responding to. Let the others figure it out themselves.

Oh, and if you’re interested and you’re in the area they’re also looking for:
Paper truck drivers
Mailroom people
and something called Audience Development

I almost went for that last one…almost.

Check it out:
AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Engagement Center Representative This full-time, temporary, position is responsible for answering inbound phone calls, responding to web-based requests, greeting visitors and directing them to the appropriate points of contact, inputting member transactions, collecting membership, classified and other payment from walk-in customers and other support duties for the Audience Development and Membership Services department.​ The successful candidate must have 3 or more years experience in a fast-paced call center environment, strong customer service background, effective interpersonal communication skills, and must be able to type 60 WPM.​ Knowledge of basic accounting practices and proficiency with Mircosoft Office suite is required.​ Must be available to work Saturdays and Sundays as assigned.​

I’m fairly certain I could that job very well, I have experience with all of that stuff but it was the ‘temporary’ and weekend availability thing that stopped me. I mean, ya know, how ‘temporary’ is temporary. Is someone on medical leave or something like that? If so, in my position, I really can’t take a job that has the chance of lasting less than 3 months just for purposes of Unemployment Compensation. Still, the job does sound really good.

Like I said, if you’re in the area and you need a job…check out “The Day”. It’s probably the best thing going around here right now!

On another, sadder note….I had to say good-bye to ‘Doc’ last night. Oh, I’m still teary-eyed over it. I’ll miss that grumpy old bastard! I really will! I won’t give out any spoilers to the “House, MD” Series Finale except to say that I am extremely satisfied with the conclusion they reached. It’s damn near perfect. If you haven’t seen it and you’re a “House, MD” fan…don’t miss your chance. Kinda like “The Avengers” it really is a Must-See.🙂

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  1. I worked for the Day… i left. LOL
    i hope ya get it.
    i was a driver, job was ok, but was part time, no benefits.]
    hope is diff for house employees.
    as for house i think we forgot to dvr it.

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