Weekend Celebrations; Memorial Day, Becca’s Graduation

I know I’ve been away a few days. Had no internet yesterday, Cable guy’s coming today to check it out. I think the modem is slowly dying. Of course, that means I have to sit here all day and wait for him but I suppose that’s better than having the thing totally cut out over the weekend and the house being without access until Tuesday or Wednesday.🙂

That would soooo not be good! LOL

While I was incommunicado yesterday, I did myself a favor and put this on my desktop just, ya know, a little reminder.

Not a bad little reminder, hey? They are kinda cute.

I did get some writing done and I hope to be able to do a bit more while waiting for the Cable Guy. Then I must go grocery shopping for our upcoming Congratulations Rebecca/Memorial Day Picnic. This thing started out as “a few friends” but it snowballed a bit! Our “few friends” have turned into 20 or more. It’s been raining all week but the weekend is supposed to be nice. I was able to cut the grass during a break in the rain on Wednesday, I even pushed the walk-behind around the front yard. Oh! That did not do my back and legs any favors! I had no idea the entire backside of your body could seize up. I’ve had my entire back do it but that was the first time it went from my calves to my shoulders. Getting older sooo sucks! But it looks good out there, all cut nice, with the new flower pots. Pretty.

Hubby will smoke a brisket, some chicken, a lake trout we ended up with. Ick. If you like fish…good for you! Me? BLEK. Cousin is coming down with his daughter, her girlfriend and the girlfriend’s son, it’ll be the first time we get to meet them and I’m looking forward to it.

Ya know, we could use a party. We really could. This has been one crappy Spring for our friends! So we could a little sumthin’-sumthin’ to lift our spirits. Our friend Rob got in an accident on his motorcycle, some idiot cut him off in traffic and he busted his leg in 5 places. Our friend Kevin recently…umm…fell…off a roof and busted his hip and pelvis. Cousin is going in for hernia surgery again. Our friend Jerry had it worst of all; he came home to find someone burned down his house and beat his roommates to death with a baseball bat! He’s staying with us for a while until he can get back on his feet. We moved Rebecca upstairs and he has her old room now. Which is good for us because a certain Someone is still creeping to the window at night trying to get in! Yeah, even with the barbed wire in front of the window AND a Permanent Retraining Order. Kid’s been at it 3 years now, you’d think he’d give up on the idea and let it go by now. But…no. So we’ve also gone to the trouble of installing motion sensitive lights around the back of the house. The kid’s going to get a hell of a shock one night when he comes to the window and finds a big ol’ angry biker staring back at him.🙂

So…yes, we could all use a good time right about now. Since Miss Rebecca walks the stage for her high school graduation ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, we thought this would be good. Congratulations Rebecca! We’re so glad you stuck with it and got your diploma! She’s got her cap and gown and is all ready for the big night. Proud Mama will take lots of pics, I’m sure. Been a long tough road for her, of course the New London Public System was no help whatsoever, so this makes me doubly proud of her. She even has a new boyfriend, a really nice and incredibly well-mannered kid. I like him. So does hubby. Of course that means he won’t stick around. LOL

Anyway, it’ll be nice to sit around on the deck with good friends, good food, a few bottles of wine, and just enjoy the day. I’m looking forward to it once I can get to the grocery store. I hate these ‘all day’ appointments. Very bothersome.

I hope you’ve got a nice weekend ahead of you.

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  1. how true, stalkers ARE a serious threat to society and there is no direct way to combat this problem. When dealing with one contacting the police should be a priority, but it may be advisable to set up certain precautions such as CCTV or bars on the windows. Don’t think that its your fault because it isn’t, they are the one at fault not you, they just can’tcome to terms with what ever their reason is for stalking you.

  2. The Wolf needs to get better and pay a visit to an idiot. /growl

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