The Weekend

I think our little picnic was a hit! Almost all invited guests showed up and there was no meat left! We cooked; a brisket, two whole chickens, several hot dogs, several hamburgers, and a lake trout. Yet, by the time the food line died down enough for the Host and Hostess to get a plate all that was left was cole slaw.🙂

We spent two days preparing the house and the yard, everything looked great when our guests began arriving. I even took care of my ‘hickish’ toilet. (More on hicks a bit later.)

It was a last second fix, I admit. I had to run to Stop & Shop on Saturday for hamburger rolls and saw these pansies sitting there in the sun; 6 pack for $3.99. I thought I could squeeze that in.

Pretty! And they haven’t been nibbled on, well not yet anyway.

Hubby set up his bubble machine for the kids but I think the adults hogged most of it.

Friends & Family had a nice time

I think our little party was a hit🙂

Then, of course, hubby had Monday off too. We sat around recuperating most of the day but we did go down to the beach for our first Classic Car Show of the year.

I think they set this up as a reminder to either 1-Not Drive Drunk or 2-How Not to Park Your Jeep…not sure which one it is but it’s probably one of them. LOL

A Pinto? A Classic? Really???? Man, the TIRE in front of it is BIGGER than the Pinto!

A couple of nice classic trucks. I really liked the bigger one and took a few more shots of it.

“Doc! Doc! The Lybians are coming! The Lybians are coming!” Back to the Future, anybody? Oh well, maybe not. Anyway, every time I see a VW Bus that’s the first thing I think the second is; Terrorist Bus. I usually end up saying the latter out loud! Probably should refrain from that, huh?

There was ‘other scenery’ at the beach too. This shot actually came out fairly well. In full-size you can make out all of the fine detail in her tattoo.

The place wasn’t very crowded. Maybe it was, it’s hard to tell anymore. These days I guess that amounts to a ‘good turn out’ but when I was a kid, man, you were lucky if you could find the tiniest spot to throw down your towel.

Then again, like I said, for a place that’s in perpetual disarray, I guess it’s ‘not bad’.

Still, for those of you who grew up with me, it is a little depressing, isn’t it?

After the Classic Car Show we came home and grilled up a few steaks. I took the camera out to the yard because I want to show you my Ladies!!!

The whole back stretch of the yard is now busting out with big purple bells.

I am one happy gal!

After that, since TV is Suck-O Land until…well…whenever, I guess. Gee, remember when the TV Season ENDED in JUNE and STARTED in SEPTEMBER? Whatever happened to that? I thought that system worked very well. LOL BUT since I am stuck with crap TV for the next 6-7 months, we watched “Hatfields & McCoys” last night on the History Channel.

Yes, this is where we get back to hicks!

Now, the mini-series is good. Well written. Well directed. Well acted. The sets and costumes are great. It’s the subject matter what sucks ass. (That sound you just heard was my husband calling me a bitch! hahahaha) Man, if there’s ever gonna be ANYTHING out there that proves my point on not giving every idiot a gun who wants one THIS IS IT!

HOWEVER, if Mr. McCoy had just shot Mr. Hatfield when he caught Mr. Hatfield deserting from the Rebel Army…it all would have went so much better.🙂 I’m not a big war fan (much to the Big Guy’s chagrin) but I thought that’s what you do with deserters, isn’t it? You shoot them or hang them, whichever seems most appropriate and/or convenient at the time.

If ANYONE would have killed that rabid-dog uncle things would have gone much better there as well. The only reasons I am watching from this point out is 1-to see the uncle get what’s coming to him and 2-everything else on TV sucks even worse!


While it is better produced/acted/written/directed it’s still right up there with, oh I dunno, “Swamp People” or “Duck Dynasty” or “Rocket City Rednecks”…Jesus H. Christ, they’ll give ANYONE a TV show these days. They come up with stupidest crap to ‘showcase’ to the public, I swear, it’s pathetic. I don’t give a damn about “Swamp People” if they were smart they’d move the hell out of the goddamn swamp. I don’t give a damn about catching fish/crabs/tuna. Repo shows? Gotts to go! “Dawg the Ugly Bounty Hunter and his Big Tittied Wife” along with “Billy the Exterminator”…would never make it on a network I owned. Don’t get me wrong I find “Survivor”, “American Idol”, “Big Brother,” and “Bachelor/bachelorette” to be equally dumbass in nature. I also can’t stand “Lifetime” movies. BLEK! They make me wanna hurl.

I do enjoy “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers” but I loved “Antiques Roadshow” way before them. I am picker/junker at heart, gimme twenty bucks and flea market I’m a happy gal for at least the next two hours. “Hardcore Pawn” and “Cajun Pawn Stars”…you can keep those, I don’t have any use for them.

Oh well, that’s my Weekend Wrap up. Now I’m off to cruise Craig’s List, Monster, and Career Builder before cracking the file and sending Raven to the deepest, darkest, depths of the ocean to kill the Ketos for Poseidon’s Trial.

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