Your Body, Your Choice? Really?

The Food Police are at it again.

I gotta say right here and now that I hate…no…I LOATHE these people and wish them nothing but the absolute rock-bottom worst life has to offer. Really…I do. Example:

NYC to Ban Super-Sized Sodas and Sugared Drinks

Nice, huh?

Personally, I don’t think this is even legal but I’m sure some numb-nut judge will say ‘ok’ somewhere along the line because this ‘good for you’. And, according to the Food Police, NO, YOU are NOT anywhere near as capable of making decisions for YOURSELF as THEY ARE so…suck it up. After all, don’t you know that the BIGGEST PROBLEM FACING THIS COUNTRY is…obesity.

Trust me honey, if that’s the biggest thing you have to worry about in your little life you are one lucky son of a bitch.

So the obvious solution is simply to fill your own container with an amount of soda/sugared drink you feel is appropriate for you and walk around town with it. Me? Whenever I get to NYC, I’ll need a wheelbarrow to carry around my cup. I’ll do it just to spite them. With the sole exception of the movie theater where hubby and I share a large popcorn and soda, I NEVER order a ‘super sized’ anything…I simply can’t eat/drink that much. BUT that doesn’t mean I have the ‘right’ or that I should even think about attempting to stop someone else from doing it.

It’s all getting so far out of hand. These are the same people who will tell that ‘growth hormones’ are ‘perfectly safe’. That immunizations are ‘perfectly safe’ yet they never look backward to see if there’s any correlation between this ‘sudden rise in obesity’ and, well, those two things. These are the same people who will tell you to never take your eye off your kids while saying those same kids don’t get enough exercise and sunshine. BTW, it’s hard for a parent to do both, yes there are sports and structured activities like that but they’re nowhere near as effective as plain old ‘free play’. Anyone out there remember just running around, getting lost in the woods/at the beach, going out the door at 10am on a Saturday morning and coming home just as dinner’s being set on the table? There were no cell phones so no one called to remind you, you had a watch or the sun and knew enough to get your ass home on time.

The Food Police will tell you that they’re tired of paying for other people to ruin their health…or something equally stupid. Hey, numb-nuts! I HAVE insurance. You ARE NOT paying for it. Can I now EAT whatever I WANT? BTW, no matter what you do, numb-nuts, your insurance premiums will NEVER go DOWN. Not ever. No matter what. Welcome to the Free Market System.

But I suppose this is just the natural progression of the things I warned about when the Food Police started out as the Smoking Police and came after the average smoker with Rob Reiner-like vengeance. I told people then it wouldn’t stop there. Once smokers were driven out of town on a rail these bullies would turn their attention in other directions and they did; they’re scrutinizing your dinner plate now.

Aren’t you better off for it?

Now they want to ‘portion control’ all your meals and worse than that they actually believe they are somehow entitled to do it. They would also like to put ‘sin taxes’ on junk food. Well, how about they force organic growers to LOWER their prices? At Stop & Shop the other day I had my choice between ‘organic’ strawberries and regular ol’ strawberries. Same size container. One was $4.99 and the other $2.99….anybody wanna guess which was which? How about the Food Police force meat producers to stop using ‘pink slime’ and calling it “100% natural”. What about those growth hormones? How are they really effecting the ever-changing growing bodies of our youth? I hear-tell the average age to begin menstruation has dropped from 12 to 10! 10! But that can’t possibly have anything to do with the hormones in the beef they eat. Nah, no way. Must be some other ‘environmental factor’….aw, hell, just blame it on Global Warming, why not?

Food is the New Religion with the Food Police the new Crusaders/Knights Templar and leaders of the Spanish Inquisition. Damn it, if you don’t bow down to them, you ungrateful little prick, they will run roughshod over you! If you don’t attend the Church of the Whole Foods then you’re going to Junk Food Hell!

And it’ll be hot down there in Junk Food Hell, so I might need that Super-Sized Coke. Better stock up now. After all, one day the Food Police may actually turn their attention to my most beloved soft-drink, that truly American Icon, Coca-Cola and try to TAKE IT AWAY.

Well….My Husband, Maybe
My Dog, No

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  1. LorettaLynn

    You know im 100% with you!
    I think you should make your own choice in the matter. They shouldnt have the right… I have always hate thoses They people.. I still let my kids out to play and dont own one video game not one. I think if you want a large pop, get one you want that bag of chips, well hell eat it. It’s all a matter of choice and no one has the right to take that! Grat post.. So with you

  2. Fucktarded, just like our bumbling idiot Menino -Stay outta my fridge ffs

  3. If they take away sugary drinks, well there goes juice, gatorade, milk even cause it’s got natural sugar in it. It they take away juice, then are fruits next? How about they do away with the supposedly better for you “sweetners” that cause brain damage.

    • This is the same government that wanted to label ketchup a vegetable! LOL I think they’re just talking about sodas–more or less. I suppose this could extend to energy drinks and the like too. I have decided that when I finally make my big trip to NYC I’m a bringing a KEG of Coke, a wheelbarrow, a ton of ice, and a straw!🙂

  4. fat people, soon we will be put in prison for being fat, companies are actually charges fat workers more for insurance and La the state approved higher rates for smokers. btw anyone remember the crop that helped build America? what was it again tobacco? when everyone ate red meat, tatos and real butter and most adults DRANK and smoked? when not smoking seemed to be the faux paus? was there cancer? you betcha, but will also bet was less then there is today. i think with all the chemicals and our high stressed lives have fucked us all and not in good ways. i also think lot of problems we have are from being more and more isolated from rest of humanity and neighbors. when we were kids and even more so in the past 60,50, 40’s etc, we all knew neighbors and looked out for each other, i think we are getting sicker because we are not listening or being part of the cosmic gestalt/racial tribe memory. if we go back to lifestyle says akin to the 50’s household and get rid of chemistry in stuff that was damn tasty and good, extending the family, making our towns and neighborhoods family and neighbor friendly again, i think we would see less cancer, less depression and more happy and good, Hey pass me that rare steak with fat, tatos and butter and sour cream, an old style Marlborough and coke or pepsi before they fucked up and changed the formulas, hell gimme a fuckin jug of fresca or tab in an 83oz cup and get the thinnation outta my fuckin dinner plate. puffs smoke and gesture with big ol piece of meaty tatootie goodness.

    i should not write after my morning toke and float.

    free mj, let it free yes smoke with me.

  5. i think i the fda wanted to make pizza a veggie so would still be on school lunches.

    • I love you! Yes, if we were able to get rid of a lot of the crap that’s been snuck into our food we would be better off. Margarine is NOT better for you than butter! Your body digests butter easier than margarine. I know some people need artificial sweeteners for medical conditions but they’re worse for you than regular old sugar and taste horrible! When we smoked, drank, ate red meat, drank real soda, slathered out baked potato with butter or sour cream we were ‘thinner’ and in ‘better shape’ as a nation. Why? Because we also walked, we went outside, we weren’t connected to the world through a computer we actually WENT OUT and SAW IT for ourselves. We didn’t go to a gym for a half hour ‘work out’, we stood in the sunshine and raked the yard until the job was done. We didn’t go for a quick run, we climbed a tree as high as we could. Diet isn’t the problem this insular society we’ve created is the problem. Soon we’re all going to be drones living in the Matrix.

  6. already jacked in trying to break out.

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