People…What Are Ya Gonna Do With ‘Em

I’ve been working my tail off on my site today! I’m getting ready for my books to come of “Kindle Select” and be available to the mass market once more!

Woot! Woot!

On one hand this has been a good experience but on the other it’s not worth the hassle.

For a long time now I’ve suspected there’s something wrong…something so terribly terribly wrong… with a chunk of American Kindle users and I now have proof positive of my theory. Check it out: Until midnight tomorrow “Heart”, “Child” and “Obsession” are FREE on Kindle! This is their Last Hurrah and they’re going out with a good-sized bang. That’s nice. Well, it’s better than having Kindle sell them for the WRONG price! They’ve been “on sale” over there, without my permission, since they became ‘Kindle Selects’ and I’m not appreciative of that fact in the slightest. After all, they did agree to be my SOLE source of e-book income for these 3 books for 3 months, I expect them to hold up their end and price my books correctly.

However, the people employed by Kindle are idiots! They do a Google search for the books that enroll in the ‘Select’ program but they don’t follow through! If a link pops well as far as they’re concerned that MUST MEAN the book is available there…and for a lower price! But if they just had the perception God gave a head of lettuce, clicked the link and TRIED TO BUY the book they would see; oops, sorry Charlie, it’s not here. Transaction incomplete.

But….no. Not that smart. Who suffers? The author. Just because they’re too stupid to follow their job through to the end.

Something else is going on too; I’ve been checking the thing regularly watching the numbers go up and….

Someone bought a copy of “Christmas Eve on Olympus” and 23 minutes later they RETURNED IT!

Yep. My theory is proven. American Kindle users like to “read for free” and Kindle lets them get away with it. This has NOT happened in any other Kindle country and it does not happen on Nook, iBooks, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, or any other site on which my books are available. But some American Kindle users seem to feel ‘entitled’ or something… I mean, after all, it’s “Just an ebook”, right?


If you’re one of these people: KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF YOU CHEAP BASTARD! If you don’t want to/can’t afford to PAY for a book, borrow it from one of your friends or see if you can check it out of your local library. You had the $79.00-$200.00 for the Kindle, so there’s no reason that you can’t pay the asking price for the books that go on it. Jackass. Don’t cry “poor” to me…you are not special. Well, ok, I know you’re still licking the windows and having to wear you helmet at all times but still…get a grip.

If I owed/ran Kindle you can bet your sweet ass users would be limited to 5 “returns” per year AND I would require a really good explanation as to why the book is being returned before issuing a refund.

Look at it this way; if you go into a store and buy a DVD or a CD you CAN NOT RETURN IT unless it is UNOPENED. If it is open you can only swap it for the SAME DVD or CD. Know why? Because those retailers don’t want to get ripped off by cheapskates who watch the movie, listen to the CD, maybe even burn their own copies and then bring them back. Simple as that. The same should hold true for e-book purchasers.

Personally, I’m considering REMOVING most of my books from Kindle for a period of 3 months or more. They’ll still be available in Kindle format on my site and Smashwords just not through Kindle. This will give Kindle time to get the price right and prevent some American Kindle users from ripping me off. Makes sense, yes/no?

Anyway, I’ve been working on the site and getting my books restored to All Romance Ebooks, I got the two new non-fiction books on Omni-Lit. Checked to be sure I’m good with 1 Place for Romance and 1 Erotica Ebooks. I am soooooo ready to hit ‘publish’ on those sites, you don’t even know how much I’m itching to do that!

I lowered the price on almost all of the e-books through my other retailers. I figure Kindle users can ‘think’ they’re getting a deal through Kindle and Kindle Employees will have to earn their paycheck from now on as far as I’m concerned anyway.

Yeah, it’s been a real 50/50 experience. The exposure was great but not worth the ultimate price I had to pay in lost revenue just because they refused to price my books correctly.

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  1. Thanks for your feedback on the Kindle “Select” program. I decided not to even try it. I had no idea that people would buy a Kindle book and then return it immediately! I’ve had a couple of quick turnarounds and wondered why… and mine is priced at only $2.99. Thank you for giving an explanation. Who’d believe people would be so cheap?
    Best of luck in regaining control of your books. I’ll be watching your blog to see how that works out.

    • The price of the book doesn’t matter, it could be a little 0.99er and they’ll still do it. But it’s ONLY in the US. Kindle UK…no problem. At all! Totally weird.

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