TWL- Oh! The Conversations in My Head

So, I just thought I’d share this off-the-wall little chit-chat I had with the Big Guy while grocery shopping. It’s a “poor week” for us…hubby gets paid Friday, every other Friday, not last week. So that makes this, the in-between week, the “poor week”. Not much money to go grocery shopping with but certainly enough to get meat, potatoes, milk, eggs, soda, assorted goodies and sundries until Friday. So off I went.

I went through the whole store and came to the Health and Beauty Aids Aisle where I knew I wanted/needed something but I couldn’t remember what. I’m OLD, this is just a natural progression of my advancing age. (That’s what I keep tellin’ myself anyway, your mileage may vary!) I couldn’t remember, I skipped the aisle, got cat food, went and did the rest of the shopping and upon passing the Health and Beauty Aids Aisle on my way out I remembered! Ah! Deodorant! Mine is at the end, the plastic is scraping my skin and it really won’t make it until Friday so I thought if I could just get a cheap one that would be good.

I trotted down the aisle pushing my cart, looked at the wide variety of products offered to me, settled one stick at 2/$4.00 then remembered we might need body wash. Also 2/$4.00. Not the same brand but they can’t really bitch. However, I finally decided we did have more than enough soap/body wash to make it to Friday and I didn’t get it.

I trotted back up the aisle and remembered; Oh yes! Tampons.

My Unexpected Visitor has gone for now but I never know when it will return these days!

So, I looked at the wide variety of products offered to me and…decided I didn’t want to pay the price. I would take the risk instead.

I proceeded to push my cart back to the main aisle;

So, I take it you’d rather be bloody than smelly?


You’d rather be bloody than smelly, you just bought deodorant and refused the…other things.

(snicker) Humph, well, yeah maybe.

Remind me never to take you into the woods again.


I’m not kidding. Lord of All Things Wild and Free…remember? That’s me too. Trust me, bears love the smell of blood.

Yeah, ok, but out in the woods with my deodorant I’ll just smell like another flower.

A bloody flower? Oh yeah, NO animal will be attracted to THAT. Nah.It’s great plan, you’re perfectly safe.

I actually stopped, snickered, looked around to be sure no one was watching me then snickered again.

Still, I went home without the tampons.🙂

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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  1. yup that sounds like the big guy already! i’m snickering too now😉 back to lurking quietly

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