Kindle Bats 1 for 3

I’m really beginning to hate them.

That’s too bad because I used to love them…so….here’s a little Blast from the Past for you to listen to while I type.

Oh! I LOVED Guns N’ Roses! Oh, yeah, I did.🙂

Anyway…my issue with “Kindle Select Enrollment” has been resolved! Yeah! They let me OUT! Woot-Woot!

But they still don’t offer any explanation on the major unauthorized price decreased and whether or not I’ll be in charge of the price from now on.

AND…I heard back from these ass clowns, with which I am trying to play ball (Tony Stark, anyone?) but they don’t want to play nice. Not only am I sent e-mails to which I must just through hoops in order to reply I got this POS:


I’ve looked into this review on “The Heart of War” and researched your previous correspondence with my colleague.

This review is within our posted guidelines. We won’t remove the review in it in its current format, and we aren’t able to consider the removal of this review any further. I’m sorry for any additional concerns this may cause. Please take a look at our Review Guidelines for information about acceptable review content:

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Ron H.
Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

Do you just love the part where they don’t want to talk to me anymore? Who the hell do they think they are? Any answer from the Peanut Gallery would be much appreciated here!

So, I went back to the “You Suck” link and filled it out again:

I’m getting really tired of receiving emails to which I cannot readily respond.

I refer you to your guidelines:

“Off-topic information:
• Feedback on the seller, your shipment experience or the packaging (you can do that at and
• Feedback about typos or inaccuracies in our catalog or product description (instead, use the feedback form at the bottom of the product page). ”

I again assert that this type of “review” should be directed to your company, as directed above. It should not be left on a product page, as described above, “download” from Kindle would constitute ‘shipment’, and the ‘seller’ would be you. Therefore, this type of “review” should not be left on a product page.

Please consider your own guidelines further.

BTW, earlier today I unpublished all but my non-fiction books with Kindle and I couldn’t be happier at this moment in time. Up until now I have mostly enjoyed my relationship with them but if their idea of ‘customer service’ is even WORSE than that of AT&T then we really have nothing further to discuss.

For the time being, insofar as Kindle is concerned, my paperbacks will show up when someone does a search for me on their site but only the three non-fiction e-books. The e-books are ALL still widely available in KINDLE FORMAT, you can get them from Smashwords, All Romance E-Books, and 1 Place for Romance in Kindle format. You can get them on my site too, that’s the cheapest place to do it! So Kindle users still have access to my books but Kindle no longer has access to any money I might make on that format. AND I get to charge what I WANT! Kindle does not get to lower my price so others can ‘Save Money, Live Better’ at my expense.

They don’t offer even a modicum protection for their authors/sellers or even show any respect for them whatsoever. They really are Wal-Mart of the E-Book World.

We all know, I don’t shop at fucking Wal-Mart.

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