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I suppose we have a few things to discuss here today but let’s start with this one.

Ya know, I just love it when some moron steps up to the plate to shoot off his mouth and, in the end, prove me 100% right. A while ago I posted about the “Hatfields & McCoys” under the heading The Family Origins of Dumb & Dumber I stand by every single word in that post. Even more so today.

I popped my e-mail this morning hoping to find something resembling sane from Kindle but found a new comment on the above post instead. I won’t make you go back to the post to read it, here it is:

John smith

Submitted on 2012/06/07 at 2:23 AM

Bitch you’re stupider than a bag of rocks… Stfu and go make your “hubby” a sandwich … The show is based on a true story so go watch your stupid soap operas .

Ok, after I choked on my coffee and cleaned myself from laughing so hard I had an accident I left a short reply.

Submitted on 2012/06/07 at 7:30 AM | In reply to John smith.

Just because it’s based on a true story doesn’t mean it’s intelligent. Neither are you, so thanks so much for proving my point here in this public forum!!!

Yes, thank you “John Smith” for proving you’re an ass but that there is a modicum of hope for the Neanderthals hiding among us, you know the rude, crude, crass and dickless wonders of the world. It is so nice to see that you’ve learned to type!

That’s such an accomplishment, I’m terribly proud of you for making it that far. Next you’ll tackle Working on Your Comprehension Skills, should be challenging and quite exciting. I’ll be watching your progress and checking in from time to time to see how you’re doing. Yeah, and I’ll stop in to clean the windows for you though I am hoping one day you’ll stop licking them. Perhaps you’ll even stop holding your sisters down. Aim high, anything’s possible if you just try.

Next Up!

I saw this on Yahoo! yesterday and I left a comment in the thread. People were so nasty over this, I couldn’t believe it. South Carolina Mom Arrested for Cheering at Daughter’s Graduation. Yeah, you read that right and this poor woman isn’t alone. Another young man was actually DENIED his diploma and told he had to do 20 hours of community service to get it just because his family cheered for him when he walked across the stage.

The Political Correctness thing has gotten WAY out of hand. It’s nearly illegal to insult or speak gruffly to someone these days and now they want to take away your moments of elation as well. That’s pathetic! Pretty soon we’ll all be walking around on happy-pills because we’re so damn depressed from not being allowed to be happy…not because we’re actually depressed.

It’s a GRADUATION, a time of GREAT joy and pride, a time to CHEER! Freakin’ deal with it! Graduation is for the graduates and their friends/family it’s not for the administration of any school. So the auditorium gets a little rowdy for an hour or two, so what? So you have to stop a few seconds or up to a minute for the cheering to die down before announcing the name of the next graduate, so what? This is only going to happen ONCE in their lifetime, why can’t they be allowed to simply enjoy it?

People on the thread were bashing the mother instead of wondering what type of joyless slug even thinks about making “rules” like this. They’re all just like; well, rules are rules.

Sheep! Freakin’ useless sheep! Whenever the Zombie Apocalypse actually hits, I’m not saving you any Twinkies, in fact, I’ll push you in front of the zombies so I can escape. I hear tell that Zombies love the taste of sheep.

Next Up!

Wow, man, looks like “John Smith” took a trip to Greece, huh?!

There’s a warrant out for his arrest…gee, ya think? I don’t know why he wasn’t arrested on the spot. I know Greeks get heated, they’re very passionate and intense but that’s just ridiculous. I love the comment on YouTube about ‘maybe she grabbed the guy’s dick under the table’. All I could think is; What dick? If had one, of a decent size that worked on its own, he probably wouldn’t act that way.

Yes, sexual frustration is a terrible affliction but you don’t get to go around taking it on everyone around you.


State Intervention Approved for New London Public Schools OH HAPPY DAY! I am overjoyed and could cheer quite loudly for hours upon hours over this one. But, some of my local residents are quite upset. They seem to feel the Nazis are moving in and taking over or something.


My public school system has sucked its own dick for decades and gotten nowhere…big surprise, huh? If the previous Superintendents of Schools; the idiot Stafford couldn’t pony up his balls, that bigger moron Clouet couldn’t pony up his balls (which I’m almost positive he never possessed!) then I am glad Fischer could find his even it was on his way out the door. My Board of Education doesn’t give a crap about education or children. All they care about is bickering, bicker, bicker, snipe, snipe, that’s all they do and it’s all they’ve done since before I graduated New London High School in 1984. They’ve ruined the school system, given over chunks of land and historic buildings for “Magnet Schools”…of which we now have soooo many we will never be able to fill them to the State Standards and we’ll lose funding for them. Oh, yes, and they’re building ANOTHER one. Yes, they took away an elementary school (MY elementary school to be exact) and they’re turning it into yet another “Magnet School”. In so far as I’m concerned that’s a huge sign, billboard sized! that reads: We Can’t Do Our Jobs So We’re Hoping Someone Else Will Take Over All Of It. Mind you, just like any other school, these “Magnet Schools” pay no taxes in a community that is already 50% non-taxable. They gave HALF the parking lot of New London High to the “Science and Technology Magnet School”, got rid of our shop classes to do it! The school is gorgeous and it makes NLHS look like a daycare center. In fact, some of our high school students are sent across the parking lot for classes at the magnet school.

People complained and people told them they were going down the wrong road but just like our buddy “John Smith” they’re too pig-headed to understand, too narrow-minded, and overcome with tunnel vision.

Even in the face of high drop-out rates, low graduation rates, people yanking their kids out of the system in droves, and setting standards so low an ant could get over the bar, our Board of Education thinks it’s doing a bonzer job.

Yeah. Right.

They seem to think the root of the problem may be a ‘lack of parental involvement’ but any parent who has tried to get involved will be happy to tell you that if you don’t sing the party line and tell them how wonderful they are…they make it perfectly clear they don’t want you around. If you stand up for your child because they’re, say, being bullied, they’ll tell you it’s all in your head and your child’s head. You can point to the rules in the handbook and they’ll say; Yes, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Then they try to dismiss you as though you’re, well, a child. With extremely few very hardy exceptions, almost every teacher and faculty member who was worth their salt, who tried to effect change, and was actually steadfast on the side of their students has disappeared from our school system. We’re left with a lot of people who don’t have the intellectual tools to teach or even the desire to do so. It’s sort of like LIVING in the movie “Bad Teacher” only nowhere near as funny.

SO…If the State coming in and overseeing the Board and our schools equates to the Storm Troopers blowing through town, I’ll stand on the street and wave a swastika flag to welcome them and make them feel at home here in good ol’ New London. I’ll even sing a round or two of “das Deutschlandlied”. I’ll even throw a few Bratwurst on the grill and break out a keg of dark beer.

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