New Review, Progress with Kinde

I got an AWESOME review for “The Heart of War” today! Woot!!!!!!

Bex ‘n’ Books gave it 4 Stars! Because I know most of you won’t click the link to share in my joy, here’s a little snippet from the review:

“What I really enjoyed about this book in addition to how well it was written, was the delve into Greek Mythology. I’ve always been fascinated, yet completely clueless. The Heart of War gives an intriguing and interesting take on how the Gods of myth and legend would respond to the 21st century, and provides us with a gritty, yet at times endearing look at the Gods and their relationships.

The smooth narrative flow and well-developed characters made The Heart of War an enjoyable read. A sexy 4 stars!”

Pretty cool, huh????🙂

Lastly, at least for now, I have been able to resolve two out of three problems with Kindle.
1-I am officially unenrolled from the ‘Select Program’ with all books
2-They were sorry about the price decrease yet reminded me of their ‘right’ to lower prices at their discretion. However, they think that was a little low.
3-That damn review. That asshole won’t get back to me.

The people handling problems #1 and #2 gave me DIRECT email addresses, I don’t jump through hoops with them just to communicate…that’s very nice! So are they. Those two representatives are awesome! The other, and his ‘colleague’ suck salty monkey balls. As a result, I have not yet ‘republished’ those books on Kindle.

I’m kinda interested to see if Kindle format sales go up on other sites due to them not being available directly on Kindle. Most people who love their e-reader are fully aware of places like Smashwords, All Romance E-Books, and 1 Place for Romance, so they shouldn’t have any REAL problems finding them if they want them. I suppose I could return all of the e-books except “Heart” to Kindle but maybe we’ll just run with this little unscientific experiment for a month or two. Ya know, just for laughs.

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  1. Best of Luck with the job Lisa,🙂

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