The Best of the Best

We have things to talk about today but I want to get this out of the way first because if one more person comes into this blog looking for “Kevin Tod Smith Naked” or “Kevin T Smith Shirtless” or “Ares sexy god of War” or “Sexy Ares” or “Hot Ares no shirt” or “Ares chest” (my favorite)…..I’m gonna scream! LOL

In my effort to stay sane I’d like to offer up the following few pics to those searching for…well…my man! Hands off, bitches! hahahahaha

This is not my entire collection but here are ALL of the pics I have of Kevin Tod Smith without a shirt! Please click ANY and ALL pics you like and SAVE them to your own computer.🙂

Ok, then…did I get your blood pumpin’?


Yeah, I’m still holding back on the very few pics I have of Kevin Tod Smith naked. They’re my little gems. Get your own copy of “Desperate Remedies” to enjoy in the quiet solitude of your own home. 😉
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