The fact that it’s Friday actually means something to me again…that’s kinda nice.šŸ™‚

I don’t know where you are but it’s frickin’ hot here…ick. So nasty. If this is any sign of the summer ahead I’m just not gonna make it. I think a long trip to Alaska is on my agenda. But it’s sooo hot…

(How hot is it, Moonie?)

It’s sooo hot, hubby put the AC in the bedroom window yesterday and Summer just started! It’s soooo hot I worried about Jerry’s dog and our cat. I didn’t want Jerry leaving the dog in his room while he went out so Cowboy wandered around the house for a while yesterday evening, he’s a good dog. Like Harry he’s too old to do much more than lay there. I had a cold bath, man did that feel good! Totally awesome. Climbed into the AC room…ahhhhhhh…..watched ‘Blondie’, I’m liking these marathons TNT has going afternoons thru evenings.šŸ™‚

Hubby came up to enjoy the cool and I said: “Is Harry in?”

He didn’t know so I went down to find out, I opened the slider door, I called and called for him but he didn’t come. I thought he must be in the basement but, as I made my way upstairs again, I thought I’d take a peek out the front window just to be sure. There was Harry in the front yard…deaf as a stump, I tell ya, unless it’s the sound of a can of cat food cracking open! I opened the front door, in my undies and a tank top, gee my neighbors must hate me some times! LOL. I brought the cat in, carried him to the AC and I had a fur hat the rest of the night. Yeah he’s spoiled. Not happy with one pillow to lay his fluffy black ass but 3…all 3 of MY pillows. He didn’t move off the top of my head the whole night. I had to sneak corners of pillows out from under him because when I tried to get a whole pillow he put his paw on top of my head, put out his claws just a bit like a warning or something to me not to steal his pillows.


I got a whole summer of this ahead????

Gonna be a long summer.šŸ™‚

GOOD NEWS! Miss Rebecca finally got a JOB! Woot! Woot! She was hired at Mickey D’s in Mystic a while ago but they never called her to come in and start working. (Weird, huh?) Yesterday she saw they were still looking for help and I told her to call. The New London Mickey D’s seems happy to have her. Phew! I don’t know how she was going to get back and forth between New London and Mystic at all hours. I tried to tell her that when she applied for the job.

She’ll start soon, she’s going today for something but I don’t think it’s to start. It’s good, she’ll start making some money, meeting some people, making some friends…you know, getting a life instead of staying up until 3am and sleeping to 2pm. It’s a good thing!

YEAH WELL, IT IS MY LIFE NEWS….I was hoping to get paid today but no, I’ll get my first check next week. Figures. The last place I worked that held back a week was Dunkin’ Donuts, I think. The last two jobs didn’t do that. No big deal but they’re going to mail my checks to me every week. Huh? Then I laughed to myself after getting that news.

My last job paid me with a hand written check every week and I had a hell of a time cashing it at first because no one would believe me when I said; “It’s my pay check.” LOL

The job before that had all of 3 employees but the boss just couldn’t figure out payroll so she sub-contracted the job to a company in Groton…ONE town over. Every Thursday she’d fax them our hours and every Friday FEDEX would show up with the checks! Fedex! Really? Seems to me it would have been way cheaper to take the half-hour, run over and pick them up.

So, yep, this is definitely the job for me! But, to tell the truth, I am surprised they don’t have direct deposit. Kathy never would have been able to figure it out and I think she liked writing my pay check but this is a bigger place and the checks are drawn on a well-known but not widely available bank…at least they’re not widely available here in CT. So it’s kinda weird but, yep, it fits right in with the rest of my work history.šŸ™‚

Gotta go grocery shopping after work today, hoping the ‘torrential downpours’ we’re supposed to get this afternoon hold off until I get the groceries home. If it rains after that you’ll find my (possibly naked) ass out in my backyard dancing around like a fool. Yes, it’s already THAT freakin’ hot! I warned Jerry not to be afraid if that should happen, if he should look out his window and see a naked woman spinning around in the rain with her arms to the sky…it’s just me. Don’t worry.

Later today or tomorrow at the latest I’m hoping to get Ares and Alena out of the tub and into bed but we’ve got a few things to spruce up first so it at least looks like it fits here and it isn’t just gratuitous sex…not that there’s anything particularly wrong with that in my book but readers and reviewers some times feel differently. Go figure. hahahaha

Well, I’m off to greet my day. Hope you have a good (cool) one.

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  1. try 100 degrees our ac been running almost 2 months.

  2. meanie, but i like winter here more.

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