I Like This Weekend Thing

My ‘big boss’ gave me a great compliment on Friday. He said that his goal for ME before he retires next year is to make me: “Indispensable to the Union. I’m gonna get them to love you so much, get you embedded in our website and all of that stuff, do the database and handle the guys so well, the Union will never want to let you go.”

I was amazed! Very flattered! None of my bosses ever gave a crap if I ‘moved up’ or even what a good job I did for them. He knows it, he joked with me that my ‘last Union Steward really sucked!’ he ‘did a horrible job for you!’


I didn’t know how to tell him that my last boss, Kathy, he father was a member of their Union for decades…all his life pretty much. If I said her name to them, I think they’d be damn disappointed in how their Union Brothers’ daughter treated her lowly secretary and sole employee for so long. So I’ll leave that bit of information out of my new equation.

When it came 2pm on Friday and I was getting my stuff cashed out and settled up for the day, I looked up and there they were…waiting for me to move my ass and go home! Usually its “Can you just finish this last thing for me” but here it’s “Damn it! It’s Friday let’s get the hell outta here!”

Yeah, baby, you know I love this place!!!!

Hubby and I were growing bored last night and I decided to take Miss Rebecca out to the mall so we could get a few new movies, on the way back it was actually cool enough to go grocery shopping so we did that too. I was afraid to do that after work, it was so hot, I figured if I bought a half-gallon of ice cream it would be soup by the time I got it home. Today is much cooler, thankfully.

We went to FYE and picked up: Sherlock Holmes II, Ghost Rider II, Clash of the Titans, Session 9, and Iron Man. The last one I had but it has disappeared so I replaced it. I got to the register and was slightly amazed when the cashier asked if I wanted to purchase ‘the extended warranty’ on my purchases.


I said “No.”

Then she asked if I wanted to join their Rewards Club and I could get $7.00 off my purchase right away. It’s good at lots of other places as well and, if I don’t like it, I ‘can cancel at any time’.


“Excuse me, are you telling me there’s a charge to be in your Rewards Club?”

“Yes, $11.99 and month.”

“Ah, yeah, no thanks.”🙂

We did our thing, we came home, grilled some steaks and took Sherlock Holmes II upstairs to the AC to watch along with Ghost Rider II. I hadn’t seen the latter yet but we went to the movie theater and saw the first, I wasn’t impressed and I’m still not. The first one is much better. Anyway, as I was sitting there watching Sherlock wishing he was Tony Stark instead I got a BONZER idea for a new book! The thing has written itself in my head already and, if I ever get around to actually typing it out, it should be a nice little piece of fluffy “Chic Lit”….yes, I detest “Chic Lit” but the shit sells…so whatareyagonnado? In any event, it’ll be a nice little novella/novel outside my erotic/paranormal gig here.🙂

I was sitting there and all of a sudden I heard;

What if Tony Stark went broke?

What? I’m watching Sherlock Holmes.

Yes, but, what if Tony Stark went broke? What if he lost absolutely everything and was homeless on the streets?

Poor freakin’ Tony, that would suck monkeyballs. Besides, he’s richer than God so he’d have friends that would take him in and help out.

Most people only love you until the money runs out. He’s not the Tony Stark you know and love so much, he’s an asshole, a real jerk who walks all over people including his employees and sort of deserves to lose everything. Maybe he even loses their pension fund as he tries to keep his own head above water. How’s that?

Hummm…well, it’s ok but it sorta sounds like a rip off of “Trading Places”?

Sort of but not comedic.

I’m with you…what else you got?

Every crazy person whoever came through the office door at Gruskin & Gruskin…how’s that for a start? They could be part of….

The background. Our character could have to move into….Shanty Town…and he’ll meet all of these crazy colorful characters. Some dangerous. Some not. Ok…still with you…what else have you got?


Excuse me? Pardon me? OH…WAIT! Yes! Sandwiches! You’re brilliant!

Yeah, I know but thanks for noticing.

Yes! First she brings sandwiches, then she brings more and more of them. One day she brings a whole grocery cart full of loaves of bread, jars of peanut butter and jelly instead. On her last visit she’ll bring gift cards and bus tickets to the nearest grocery store.

Nice little social experiment…don’t you think?

Oh…I do! We’ll see how our homeless characters react and how our Tony Stark character reacts to their reaction. I’m guessing he’s going to learn a lot about his past behavior. Then she disappears and he goes looking for her…and then..and then… But Ares and Alena first, at least “Rising Son” first and then “Sandwiches”. Ok?

Definitely. Watch your movie now.

So I did. I watched the rest of the flick with bits and pieces of “Sandwiches” rolling around in my head forming nicely.🙂

Then we watched Ghost Rider II….OMG! If you liked the first one (and I did)…DO NOT watch this one! It sooo totally sucks! It’s horrible. There aren’t enough negative words in the English language to describe the depth and breadth of its suckyness. Aunty Moon gives it an F- and hopes never to have to watch it again. P-U.

I let Miss Rebecca take and watch my Session 9. I’ve been waiting over 10 years to own a copy of that flick! She damn well better not lose or scratch it. It’s not the type of horror flick she’s used to but I thought she’d like it and she did so that’s good. I’m hoping for a nice thunderstorm so I can settle in and watch it. I love that movie and I hate David Caruso but the movie is first rate.

I know I swore I wouldn’t watch or buy Clash of the Titans and it must really suck because I got it on Blu-Ray for $5.00!!! But Sam Worthington is growing on me, sorta like a fungus-amongus but growing just the same. If nothing else, I do hear the effects are stellar.

Anyway, I should get back to Ares and Alena, we’re working on adding a new chapter early on to let people in to just why she’s slept so long and what she’s dreaming about. That should help. Her absence is a great gaping hole in the story so we need to have something to keep her ‘active’ while she’s still sleeping. THEN we can finally get them out of the tub and into bed and I’ll feel much better about it.

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