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Well, earlier today, I was all set to blog about “reviewers” who think their shit doesn’t stink but after my day they seem so incredibly unimportant that I’m not even going to bother. No, I did not get a ‘bad review’ I read a post on Dear Author that ticked me off. While the article has some interesting opining, bottom line is; Hey man! If anyone doesn’t want an author to give their opinion to their review’s opinion…the ‘reviewer’ shouldn’t post it to Amazon/Smashwords/B&N/Goodreads…yada yada yada. They should only post it ON THEIR SITE and nowhere else. Author’s are getting tired of so-called “reviewers” who think they’re “All That” but aren’t even the greasy crumbs in the “bag of chips”. As the saying goes; That Can, Do. Those That Can’t, Teach…or in this case they ‘review’.

Yeah, and, btw, if Stephen King can put out a “new” version of “The Stand” us lowly indies can do the same with our books and NO we don’t “owe” anyone a ‘free’ copy because of it.

If you go over there and check out the comment on buying .99 ebooks….to that person; honey, you and people like you are the reason my books jumped $4.00 in price this last month. I am separating the wheat from the chafe and it’s working out very well. Guess what? Those ‘returns’ on Kindle….non-existent! The sales? Just as good as before but with a higher quality reader purchasing.

Yes, it all works two ways.

Enuff said.

I got to stay an extra half hour at work today. I don’t mind the money, at least at this job I’ll get paid for the extra time. Not like at the last job! I was on “salary” at the law office and the “salary” was so low I never would have considered giving an extra half hour. Tomorrow I have to go to Hartford for ‘training’. I only need to learn two things so it should take all of two hours….yeah, that’s the same amount of time it will take to drive up and back from my house! LOL I only wish the ‘training’ was in New Haven, that way hubby and I could have lunch at the Famous Pepe’s or the Famous Louie’s…as seen on Food Network and the Travel Channel. But, no. I don’t have any idea where there’s a good place to have lunch in Hartford…bummer.

Oh, well, the extra time sorta made up for the boredom of yesterday. I was the only person in the office yesterday and it was absolutely pouring! I was a little bored. But not today! Today I did a bunch of work on their website and sent off an email so the ‘higher ups’ could have a look-see. Still waiting on a response other than a certain link wasn’t good because that site was never finished. It looked finished to me! If no one did ‘finish’ it then that’s a crying shame because someone put a good deal of work into it just to walk away from it. I had to fix a few pages…I have no idea how the code on those pages became so FUBAR but they did. They’re fixed now. Only the gallery pages left to go….WOOT!

For those of you interested, “Child of War-Rising Son” now has a new opening chapter. Well, it will as soon as I finish it. I wanted to work on it yesterday at work since it was so dead but their version of Office doesn’t let me play with the headers. I love this drag & drop thing with the headers and chapters. Just click, move up or down, and it automatically moves chapters without have to renumber or do ye olde cut & paste. LOVE IT! You have to remember, when I STARTED writing, I did it on an electric type writer with carbon paper and onion skins. Back then if I wanted to move a chapter up or down, I had to ‘x’ out the heading and….start all over again! This lovely bit of technology is so much better!

The chapter I had been working on to show what’s going on with Alena is turning out very interesting, lots of nefarious deeds going on with our pals The Olympians. So, after moving it up up up…. I finally moved it to the first chapter and it will flow nicely into the second chapter where Ares is having his dream. IF I can finish it….it will fit nicely…that’s what I should say. I’d like to get to work on that but I’m rather pooped from my workday. I keep getting hits on the blog and my website from Google and other search engines phrases such as; “Of War is Alena dead”. Nice to know people are worried about our girl.🙂 The new opening chapter will answer that question straight off and may lead to a few more new and interesting little tid bits.

This is going to be one long fuckin’ novel! I’m thinking about breaking it up into two novels. Yeah, the Almighty Word Count (and the attention span of gnats!) keeps going through my mind. So we’ll just have to wait and see how it all falls. We’ve up to pg. 153 with 80,000+ words and I know that’s just ‘too much’ for some people to have to get their heads around. Then again, we may just do it Our Way because we like writing “King” sized books! Those with gnat-like attention spans will either have to do their best to keep up or get left behind.

Gee, I guess I’m a little grumpy.🙂

Oh well. That’s what happens when I don’t get enough play time with Ares!

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    could always browse through their list and see if anything nearby pops up?

    a few more days and can get back to proofing too, dang last weeks of school and so much unplanned things pop up, i hate it! 3 more days and summer holidays are here. let the wars begin (for the kids at least) but it gives me more time to write and proof and such

    • Great Minds Think Alike! We’re going to stop at O’Rourke’s on the way home I love Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives”🙂

      I don’t miss those end-of-the-school-year days🙂 Don’t worry about proofing my stuff I’ll send you a new file next week or so. I think you’ll like the changes…hope so anyway.

      • ok if there are more changes (apart from the added chapter) i’ll hold on for another week)
        and damn all that yummie food, makes me wish i lived in the US of A haha we don’t have that kind of diners.

  2. when i get mobile again, we are gonna do all the tv places then road trip all off texas for places from tv and all the taco dives in search of the perfect taco and burrito.

    • Sounds tasty!!!! We want to find a lot of the places we’ve seen on TV and discover a few new ones on our own. Nothing fancy, just good old fashioned comfort food. And street vendors, if I ever get to NYC I have to try the street vendors.🙂

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