I Am One Lucky Bitch

Who happens to know her worth. I just cashed my very first pay check from my new job!

Drum roll please……


Same hours as the last job…less stress…less outright bullshit…SIXTY BUCKS MORE A WEEK IN MY POCKET!


Let me clarify just because I feel like being a bitch right now…😉

I found this on Craig’s List today:

Date: 2012-06-26, 1:22PM EDT
Reply to: hpnmn-3102451583@job.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Energetic, professional needed to provide high-level support to President and Vice President. Responsibilities include coordinating a variety of projects, organizing and execution of legal and real estate documents, handling information requests, as well as performing administrative functions such as composing professional correspondence, conference calls, travel arrangements, scheduling of meetings/appointments and liaison with company vendors. Should be extremely organized, have a positive outlook and the ability to SUPER multitask in a fast-paced office environment. Background or general knowledge of real estate and construction is a plus.

Must have a BA degree or higher, 3-5 years administrative experience and computer proficiency in MS Outlook and Office, as well as exceptional professional etiquette and discretion. Please submit your cover letter and resume by email.

Location: Eastern Ct
Compensation: 12 per hour

Are they outta their minds???

Oh yeah, someone earned a Bachelor’s Degree…or HIGHER…then put in 3-5 years on the job all so they could make $12.00/hour. Yeah. Right.

You cheap prick! I feel like sending them an email telling them exactly that. I’d send it from a junk account of course but I think someone should walk up and slap this sucker hard. Then walk away.

And here’s another one:
Entry Level Office Assistant (Shoreline)
Date: 2012-06-27, 12:19PM EDT
Reply to: 4rpqw-3104537044@job.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Seeking an entry level Assistant to perform a variety of duties, Including but not limited to:
Marketing & research
Answering phones
Proposal writing
General office support

Ideal candidate: must possess a college degree and exhibit the following personality traits;
Willingness to learn, make a good 1st impression, Integrity, goal oriented, detail oriented, personally responsible, ability to communicate clearly, tech savvy,
willingness to serve customers.

Please send a cover letter in PDF and resume as a word doc.

Location: Shoreline
Compensation: 20K – 30K year Medical & Vacation

You can see they tried to make their pay of TEN to ELEVEN dollars an hour sound better by saying “20-30K year Medical & Vacation”. That’s FULL TIME! I make that on MY PART TIME PAY!

Again someone should just walk up slap ’em as hard as they can…maybe even stomp on their foot…then just walk away. No words. No explanation. Nada. Maybe just another anonymous nasty ‘you cheap bastard’ email would suffice?

I think, just as a matter of course, everyone out there should look up what the ‘average pay’ is for whatever job they do in their state.

They may be; surprised, disgusted, outraged, and end up slapping their boss.

Me? I was Unemployed and, because of it, I learned my worth and held out for a job that was worthy of me.

To those of who said I was being “too picky”…neener neener neener.

I have a GOOD PAYING JOB that I LOVE and I work with people who make me laugh instead of grumble and want to cry. People who actually WANT to see ME succeed as much as they want to succeed.

I hope those others out there can say the same.

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