Politically Incorrect with Aunty Moon

“Obamacare” is now the law of the land.

How do you feel about this?

No, seriously, putting all of the partisan politics and bullshit aside…how do YOU FEEL about this?

Me? I’m mixed on the issue and, to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect the Supreme Court to uphold it. Mostly, I just don’t like the idea of forcing people to pay for health insurance or be penalized. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a really dumb idea. I don’t notice the Supreme Court telling me that I must buy any other product/good/service or face a penalty. So why health insurance? I think that whatever product/good/service anyone chooses to buy is completely up to them. It’s one of those sticky Personal Rights…like not wearing your seat belt (I don’t agree with that law at all!), smoking if you’d like, eating fatty foods, and so on.

Before anybody gets the wrong idea here; I am ALL IN FAVOR of everyone being taken care of when they are sick. I am ALL IN FAVOR of ready access to the health care system. I think, if there was one ‘right’ left out of the Constitution it’s the “Right To Medical Care”. Personally, I think that should have been in the top 3 in the Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers left it out mainly because they just didn’t have or foresee this problem. They lived in a day age when one was privileged to take care of the less fortunate among them. They felt it was, to some extent, their duty to help look after those who didn’t have as much. And, yeah, let’s face it, it was a status symbol. If you had the money to live comfortably then ‘giving back’ to your community was a way to show that to everyone. Now they just buy bigger yachts, another G-5 jet, and a 3rd house in the Caymens. But, back then, there was actual compassion, sympathy, empathy, understanding, and willingness to help, a desire to not just stand there and watch your fellow man suffer with a smirk on your face and a; “tough luck, buddy”.

I kinda miss those days.

Of course back then, doctors made house calls, were in business to help people, didn’t pay outrageous malpractice insurance premiums, and might even take a chicken or homemade quilt in return for their services.

Yeah, I miss those days.

But they’re dead and gone. They will never return. Sorta like Common Sense. Yep, that “last train for the coast” was full of things we thought we’d outgrown but now could sorely use.

I think “Obamacare” puts way too much faith in health insurance companies–while making it appear that it curtails them to a minor degree to make Joe Average happy. Health insurance companies are NOT in business to keep you healthy; that’s a side benefit. They are in business to MAKE MONEY for themselves and their shareholders. If your sorry sick ass happens to get some benefit out of the $100+/wk you pay for their ‘services’ well then, good for you.

That brings me to my other concern; ya know, there were a lot of years when we couldn’t afford health insurance. It was offered to us by employers but their pay was SO LOW that the weekly deduction was the difference between rent and food or no rent and no food. So we hedged our bets and went without for a very long time. Then economy tanked even more and hubby was out of work. No health insurance. Then he picked up odd jobs with small companies who didn’t offer health insurance. Then he worked ‘temp’ jobs that…didn’t offer health insurance. We were able to get our daughters on HUSKY (CT State Insurance for Kids) but us…no way. The State didn’t even want to hear about it. I’ll blog about our personal experiences with HUSKY some other day but for now let’s just say it was far less than stellar.

So, what about those people? What about people who make minimum wage, bringing home far less than $400.00/wk and are asked to pay $100.00/wk for ’employer sponsored health insurance’. Should they have to pay a 1% “tax” to the government for not buying in? How can you possibly expect anyone to LIVE on $300.00/wk? I mean, we do still want our kids to grow up, get a job, and move out…don’t we? How will they manage that?

What about people whose employers make them work 35-38 hours a week…just under full-time…so they don’t ‘qualify’ for benefits? Are they going to be penalized? If so, why? Why isn’t the employer penalized for bad business practices?

No, of course they won’t, we love the fact that Exxon gets a huge tax rebate every year. We must or we’d close those gaps.

Now that we have “Obamacare” the above people will be able to “buy” “minimum health care”…whatever the hell that is. Is that like “No Fault Car Insurance” or flying “no frills” or something? They’re supposed to be able to get it at a “low price”. Is that more or less than $100.00/wk? Who decides what’s a “low price”? Have we sub-contracted this out to WalMart???? If anyone knows how to “Save Money, Live Better” certainly it’s Wally-World. Buy it through a “State Exchange”….will it crash like the stock market? Sounds shaky already.

There are people out there saying the answer is ‘education’ and to ‘get a better job’ so people can buy-in to employer sponsored health care. Maybe. Maybe not. Here’s my favorite Ted Knight quote from “Caddy Shack”–The World Needs Ditch Diggers Too.

In other words, we can’t all be doctors/lawyers/scientists and the like. If we are; who’s gonna fix our cars? Take care of our roads? Unclog our drains? Pick up our trash? Harvest our fruits and veggies? Bring us a freakin’ pizza? Check out our order at the local store?

Every job is important. Every job has a purpose. Every job adds to the community and the economy. Just because one is “unskilled labor” shouldn’t lower their status as a “worthy human being” or something equally stupid. So, therefore, they’re only entitled to or need “minimum health care”. Unless, of course, they get maximum sick and no one wants to “pay for” it.

For shits and giggles, while we’re here, to all you people out there constantly bemoaning that you “don’t want to pay for someone else”—my favorite is men whining they don’t want to pay for birth control and/or abortions! I’d love to choke their dicks, I swear. BUT, anyway….what DO you want to “pay for”? Better yet, what are you WILLING to pay for in order to help the common good? If I put $20.00 in your hand and put you before a row of coffers marked; Education, Defense, Social Security/Medicare and Welfare and then I told you that you HAD to put the 20bucks into one of them; which one would it be? Or would you just try to talk me into letting you pocket the money?

Just a little Food for Thought.

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  1. I’m flabbergasted that Obamacare was upheld. This law will not result in better access, but rather, in more delays and more waste. Those that will benefit will be hospitals and insurance companies. http://thedoctorsreport.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/obamacare-alternatives/

  2. Beginning in tax year 2010, small businesses — defined as those with fewer than 25 full-time employees (or equivalent) and an average annual salary of less than $50,000 per employee — are eligible for a tax credit if they provide health insurance to their employees. To qualify, the business must pay at least half of the premium for covering a single person (not a family). Businesses can get a credit of up to 35% of the premiums they paid; nonprofit employers can get a credit of up to 25% of the premiums they paid (these percentages are set to increase in 2014). The maximum credit is available to the smallest employers — those with ten or fewer employees with average annual wages of less than $25,000.

    • What about those businesses that decided 25 “full time” employees isn’t their bag? They’d rather have 50 “part time” employees? All it takes is two employees making minimum wage to get rid of that definition. My guess is, in the end, 50 part-time employees is cheaper than whatever they’ll get in a ‘tax credit’…which they shouldn’t get to begin with. If we’re going to keep going with ’employer sponsored health insurance’ then it should be a simple cost of doing business. Nothing more. Nothing less. If I can’t take my health insurance premiums as a tax deduction…in full!…they shouldn’t get the break either.

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