Inspiration Can Be….

…A Royal Pain in the Ass! LOL

We’re about half-way through “Rising Son”–finding the time to write lately has been nearly impossible! All that web work and now that I work 9-2 instead of 8-1 I only 2 1/2 hours when I come home to get anything done. Well, two I suppose, gotta throw ‘What’s For Dinner’ in there somewhere. Lately a half hour to an hour of that has been eaten up by Girl Time with Miss Rebecca. I don’t mind Girl Time, I love Girl Time, I just wish it happened at a more convenient time.🙂

So, anyway, The Big Guy came up with a bloody fantastic idea! We’ve hit on it a few times here lately and I wish he’d come up with it much sooner since it’s going to encompass the beginning of the book. In fact, I could write a WHOLE BOOK on what’s happening with Alena while she’s in her coma. Yes, an entire novel. In my head it even has a title already; Dreams of War. Like it?

But we can’t do that, we can’t say we’re putting out one novel and then give people a whole other one. Unless, of course, by some miracle of the Gods we could actually write TWO novels in the short time we have left.

Yeah. Good luck!

So, we’re trying to keep it short and punchy instead of detailed then work it in throughout the rest of the story until it all ties together. I don’t like doing things that way. Ass-backwards is not my style but the idea is far too good to pass up and we’ll get to bring in an Olympian who’s been in the background and no one would suspect of nefarious deeds.

We’ve been slowly working on it but we really have to move our ass, we have less than two months to wrap up this sucker. Work is going to come to a screeching halt tomorrow…what a pain. A delightful pain to some degree but a pain nonetheless. We have to clean the rug in the ‘spare room’ and while we’re at it, of course, we’ll hit the living room rug too. It needs it, I don’t say otherwise. Then we’ll be off to Sailfest/OpSail2012. They’re expecting a MILLION people in downtown New London and along the banks of the Thames River for tomorrow’s fireworks! Yes, and I’m going to be in the middle of it! Terrifying and exciting at the same time. Hoping to get some good pictures, of downtown, the Tall Ships and, of course, the fireworks. If I do I’ll post them. I haven’t gotten good shots of the fireworks in ages, of course I haven’t been in TWO years either. I made hubby turn down a gig for tomorrow to take me to SailFest…I did! I was stood up two years in a row for what is traditionally a day/night we always spend together. I’m hoping to have loads of fun though I know at least part of my mind will be on the story.

Sunday, hubby has a gradation party gig so I should have a few hours then to kick back and work on the story. I would say that I’d get some done, bit by bit, at work but they have Office2007 and I can’t get my head around using it again for writing purposes. But, it’s always an option now that their web site is done. Gods know I did that for ages at the ‘other office’, in between Crazy People and outrageous piles of correspondence/bills/wills/contracts/blah blah blah.

We really need to buckle down on this one. It’s so damn long. It really will end up being something along the lines of the length of “IT” when we’re finished. I still worry about the gnats out there but, what can I do? They’ll just have to deal I suppose. I could probably actually get three novels out of this; Dreams of War, Trials of War, and then Child of War-Rising Son but…..well, that’s just not the way it’s falling. Bummer.

Oh well, just about time to fly off to work! Yes, I still love my job.🙂

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