Not So Bummed–SalFest/OpSail 2012

Well, the day was not a total bust!

We grabbed the bus downtown, hubby seemed nervous he’d never ridden the SEAT bus before and didn’t know where it went. I took it to work for quite a while so I knew where we were going. It dropped us off right behind State Street and we walked down the hill from there to SailFest.

BUT, I should not have worn flip-flops. I knew when I left the house that I should run back and change my shoes but I didn’t. Now my feet are sore and I have blisters between my toes. Bummer. Then again we did walk for about 5 hours! Other than my toes my legs didn’t hurt a bit. Not a twinge, a cramp, or a charlie horse. During my term of Unemployment I took the opportunity to ditch my normal high heels and walk around barefoot or in sneakers. Seems my calves have appreciated that fact and repaid me with the ability to walk long distances once more. Hooray! LOL

We got downtown and we saw the sights, there were not as many people as I thought there would be. Perhaps the threatened weather kept them away but it was nice and cool. I still managed to come home with a sunburn. Oh well. At least I got some color! Things were much pricier than normal especially for this economy. $9.00 for gyro! $6.00 for fried dough! $5.00 for ONE cannoli! Bagged cotton candy $4.00! (and it tried to KILL me! More on that later) Water? $3.00! Geez, man. We didn’t eat all that much and I did not get a new pretty dress. In fact, we didn’t get a single little trinket. We just walked around enjoying the day and each others company.

We have several new murals downtown. I was unaware! I had heard of the project and was terrified by it when the ‘selection process’ began. I thought we’d get stuck with truly hideous works of ‘art’. But that was not the case. Yeah! Check out the guy with the sign, can you see him?

Hahaha! I thought he was great. Then again, I love “Futurama” too so…..

There’s “Fudgy” our way-too-expensive Whale Tail Fountain.

That’s a big sucker, huh? That long expanse of metal behind it…is the Gold Star Memorial Bridge! WOW! I want you to know that I walked alllll the way out to the end of a floating dock to get the last pic. Hubby wouldn’t come with me. He hates those things. I did well until I got out past the pirate boat where it really started rocking.🙂

There were 4 of these. I have no idea why. They are WOOD which makes them special and probably old but other than that I’m not sure why they were there.

There’s The Eagle. I am destined to 1-never see it under sail and 2-never to take a good shot of it! LOL

Other than the fireworks, this was the highlight of the night. We were walking to the end of the Waterfront Park and saw this truck, I read the sign and said to my hubby; “What a great idea she has! Almost everybody loves a grilled cheese sandwich.”

We got an “Italian Grilled Cheese” to split; mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil. TO DIE FOR! Oh Gods it was soooo good!!!

This is the nice lady who makes them. If you’re even in town…go there! Or see if you can catch the catering truck! Definitely worth it!

Then we walked down Bank Street and then back up Bank Street, we stopped at the Alter Ego’s stand so hubby could get pork and chicken on a stick from his friend Nino. Good deal we got even though Nino stopped paying attention and nearly set his kiosk on fire!!! LOL Yep, that grill went up and wanted to take everything with it. But they got it under control and the cooking went on.

On tired feet we trekked to the end of Bank Street to get sodas for our stay in Fort Trumbull for the fireworks. I passed a man selling bags of cotton candy…which I ADORE…I know I shouldn’t but I do. I eat it like twice a year so, ya know, big deal. I bought a blue bag and took it down to The Fort. We settled in to eat our snacks.

I opened my cotton candy and took a bite; it didn’t taste right. I took another bite; still didn’t taste right. One more, same result, I turned to tell my hubby that it was yucky and the shit CHOKED ME! No kidding! I couldn’t breathe! It was almost as though I forgot HOW to breathe! How fucked up is that? How can one possible choke on cotton candy???? It’s designed to MELT. Anyway, it was pretty bad for a few seconds but I triumphed.🙂

We…ummm…”took a walk”….to the side of a building and sat down in the grass to “relax”. We found a cigarette pack and, because we are who we are, I picked it up found 4 Marlboro Reds inside and a packet of white powder….which I immediately transferred to my own cigarette pack.

(Shut up, I don’t wanna hear it)

We finished eating. I wanted to go to the other side of The Fort where THE SHIPS WERE but my feet were too tired. Totally bummed on that one. I did take a walk and I tried to get there but I forgot we were fenced in down there in the “Dog Park” and I’d have to walk all the way around on my achy blistered toes. Nada.

We sat and chatted. It started to rain. It start to POUR actually. I covered my camera and said to hubby we should make a break for the building but before we could take two steps it was over. Just a nice refreshing little bit of rain.

The Fireworks Extravaganza began. I got some good shots but I’ll tell you I MISS my old 35mm for fireworks pics. I really do!

Then it was time to go home. The Fireworks Extravaganza was a little short this year and not so “extravagant”. I miss the Grucci Family fireworks. They hired some other people who didn’t do nearly as good of a job. But they were still pretty.

We battled the crowds and walked home, get home a lot faster that way on fireworks night. No battling the majorly congested traffic. I think we made it like 20 minutes but I kicked off my flip-flops for most of the walk home. My poor toes just couldn’t take that rubbed nub between them anymore. Yesterday, I was a Tender Foot, this morning my feet are sore and have callouses on them! LOL They were so sore all night it was hard to sleep. But my legs feel good, barefoot/sneakers and all those leg lifts and Thigh Master squeezes I’ve been doing lately paid off.

Took a nice cold shower to wash away the sweat and grit of the day then jumped into bed. At which point hubby said; “Do you have that packet?”


I heard a ROAR of laughter in my head.

I’d thrown it out with my empty cigarette pack!

Going to thank me now or should I just wait?

I was grumpy over it. I couldn’t tell if it was Coke or something stronger, I was waiting to get home to find out but The Big Guy had other plans.

Yeah, thanks.

Foolish girl, I can’t believe you’d even consider trying whatever was in that thing at your age!

Geez, man, I said ‘thanks’ you don’t have to get nasty over it!

Oh well, another round of Old Toby had to suffice before bed time.🙂
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  1. ahh the big guy, I appreciate what he did for you. LOL. it might have ben H. and you do not need that shit.

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