New London–Smokin’ in the Boys Room

Click it and listen as you read this post.

Yeah, ok, we all know one isn’t..and never was…supposed to smoke in the Boy’s Room or the Girl’s Room. Only in the Teacher’s Lounge or the Smoking Patio.

Both of which have gone-by-the-by.

So has your local restaurant and your local bar. Your local hospital. Your local municipal buildings.

Slowly, and with the approval of Polite Society and those who always think they Know Best, the Lowly Smoker has gone from a full-fledged American Citizen to a Second Class Citizen to something akin to the dreaded Illegal Alien. That’s all well and good according to most out there. Those would be the people getting their way and hey, we all like to get our way, don’t we?

Smokers have tolerated being pushed out of and away from Polite Society. Banned…Exiled…to the cold, snow, and rain in order to engage in a perfectly legal activity.

Yes, that’s right. We’re Legal Adults and we’re not breaking any laws when we light a cigarette. Yet we are made to feel as though we are hardened criminals. Treated as though we’re dumb as stumps. Punished with said banishment in the hopes we’ll learn the error of our ways. Or, ya know, some crap like that.

So here in good ol’ New London, Connecticut where we’re about to get a 7.5% tax hike, the Firemen are still on hold, a special State Overseer has been assigned to our failing schools and where one can’t get a sidewalk repaired within 50 years of first applying, the City Council is now considering Health and Wellness Groups Support Smoking Ban in New London. Well, duh, of course they do. However, the ‘health profession’ also happens to have one of the highest percentage of smokers out of all occupations in the USA. Yeah, they don’t walk around advertising that one now do they? Nope.

Instead of dealing with real issues with real and quite immediate consequences we’re being Smoke Screened with this lovely bit of Politically Correct Bullshit. That’s my town! The important stuff sits on a back burner for decades while we make ‘art spaces’ and pay for murals and have ‘food walks’ downtown. Yep, Nero fiddled while Rome burned and New London loves to follow his lead.

Curse you Benedict Arnold for not doing a good enough job here during the American Revolution!

You have to read the article to get the full hilarity of it all but the long and the short of it is; they want to ban smoking in all public parks. You know the PUBLIC PARKS that SMOKERS TAXES help PAY FOR–doubly so of the non-smoking Average Joe when you figure in the $3.40 PER PACK TAX we pay. Yeah, those parks. Us dirty nasty little smokers are not welcome in those places any longer.

A couple of quotes for ya;

“Nancy Baude, a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, said smoking can also lead to the problem of cigarette butt litter. She said toddlers can pick these up and put them in their mouths if they find them at the park or beach.”

Yo! Nancy Baude! Here’s a tip for ya; Keep an eye on your own damn kids! Stop making others around you responsible for your responsibilities. AND, toddlers pick up EVERYTHING and put it in their mouths. Cigarette butts are not the worst of these things by far. Any parent of a child over the age of 5 can back me up on that one.

“Keith Robbins opposed the ban, saying he think it will make smokers less likely to visit businesses and sites in New London. Robbins said he has smoked cigars while visiting parks, but does so away from other people. He also said he considers that no legislation will effectively eliminate litter issues and that it was “ludicrous” that the city was considering a ban on smoking in outdoor areas.

“Smoke outside is easily avoidable,” he said. ….(edit for length)…

Councilor Anthony Nolan said he supported having the full City Council vote on the proposal. He said he would be willing to consider having designated smoking areas at these sites, but said he was also concerned with the issues raised by the groups.”The majority majority of the smokers I have run into are not as courteous as you are,” he told Robbins.”

Ahhh…yeah we are. If we are approached and spoken to as fellow human beings we will put out or cigarette or we will move. However, if someone comes up to us with that self-righteous holier-than-thou attitude and starts demanding the cigarette be put out because of x,y,and z…we’re apt to blow a good puff in their face and tell ’em to fuck off. You would too if someone came up to you with that bully attitude and tried to stop you from engaging in a perfectly legal activity. There’s no reason the offended party can’t move away from the nasty smoke on their own without making anything of it at all. I guess the smoker is supposed to be responsible for the non-smoker’s comfort as much as the smoker is supposed to be responsible for the non-smoker’s toddlers.

Yes, hubby and I cut way way way back on going out when the smoking ban in restaurants and bars went into effect. We get take out or delivery now and again. Every once in a great while we might sneak out to Olive Garden or something but it’s nothing like what we once did. The present state of the crappy economy doesn’t help that fact either but, like most others, I don’t want to go where I’m not wanted. It’s clear to me that while my money is wanted in bars and restaurants *I* am not.

So why don’t we just cut out all of the bullshit, huh? Why don’t these zealots get off their smug asses and go out and do what they really want; make smoking illegal.

Oh, yeah…revenue. Think of all of the jobs that would be lost if we did that. Yep, that’s a lot of jobs. A lot of people. A lot of mortgages, car payments, tuition costs and all of those things that help make the Economy Go ‘Round. Not to mention that $3.40 per pack tax here in Connecticut.

Kinda hypocritical, don’t ya think? Kinda two-faced, huh?

They want the smoker’s MONEY, in fact they NEED the smoker’s money at this point but they don’t want the smoke or the smoker.

My mother had a saying about Having One’s Cake and Eating It Too, I think it applies here.

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