TWL-Finally at it Again

I hate transition, don’t you? I don’t mind change but it’s that transitory period between what’s passing and what’s coming that can be a real kick in the ass.

So it is with the new job.

I think I’ve settled into a nice pace and I’m picking up a good routine so the transition period is coming to an end.

Yesterday, I opened “Rising Son” for the first time in days and was surprised to realize my old addled brain knew the exact spot it left off. We read it over and said ‘ok’ then slowly skimmed forward changing everything that needed to be changed until we got to the big scene where Alena’s still sleeping but she’s talking through Rose. Sat back and wondered how to handle that, made a few changes, will take out a massive chunk put it in the junk file for safe keeping. I know we’ll use it later on so I don’t want to totally lose it. I think it works with the current changes although some readers might want to see the scene from Alena’s POV at some point. I hope we’ve put enough into that new opening chapter that they’ll just really get the idea of what’s happening on her end. I know, sometimes I give people too much credit.🙂 We’ll think on it and come back to it later if we have to.

Now it’s back to the Underworld to change some stuff nearer the end of Raven’s first Trial and make it fit. That it shouldn’t take long, it will take out more words than it adds in so that’s good for the Almighty Word Count.

Then it’s the big scene where Alena finally wakes. It’ll be totally different, I’ll have to get rid of everything we’ve written there and start ‘fresh’. I put that in ‘s because, those of you who’ve been with me since my Stargate Days will definitely recognize this new bit as a take off from a scene in “Slumber in the Arms of Giants”. I dragged my feet against it when the Big Guy tossed it out there originally but I did love it, I thought it was good. As he reminded me, in the end, we are re-writting that massive bit of fan-fic. In a ’round-about way, of course. Instead of Raven being the one to wake her now he and Ares will have to ban together (even those Ares is royally pissed at Raven by this point), they’ll take a little trip, fight a little fight, and get her back from the person who’s been holding her. All with the help of our little Rose who has a few surprises of her own in store.

After that, it’ll be all new stuff from there to the end….wherever that is.

Just wanted to let you know that we are working on it. Hoping to get more done this afternoon and then spend most of the weekend lost in the Zone. We’ve got a long row to hoe here and it’s about time we put our backs into it.
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  1. I can’t wait to find out what happens! I know that whatever changes you make will work out. The end result for each installment of this series has been fantastic!

    Father and son fighting with Rose helping to lead the way sounds like it is going to be tons of fun…well, for the readers. I’m sure there will be a bit of a battle going on between these two alpha males🙂

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