Hot Rods-A Real One and a Review

First the real hot rod; hubby’s bike.

We finally got enough money together to buy a new engine! He is ordering it right now and, I must say, he’s absolutely giddy! LOL Yep, there’s Big-Doin’s coming up in Ye Olde Garage. Which will keep him busy and entertained and exceedingly happy for days. Yeah, there’s a method to my madness😉

He’s been trying to think of ways to get it back on the road–or buy a new one–for about a year now. Last week I turned to him and said; “You have that ancient 401k from your old job that just sits there doing nothing. Cash it in.” Sunday that’s what we did. The checks came on Saturday. I think he was thinking it wouldn’t happen, something would get in the way, someone would say he couldn’t have the money. But I knew better. We’ll pay the taxes and ‘penalties’ on the whopping $1,800.00 next April. (Yeah, that thing had to be nearly 10 years old…maybe more…$1,800…LOL)

Hubby deserves it, he works hard and gets little for it like the rest of it. I know he’s been longing to ride and feel the wind in his hair. Been trying to think how long the thing has been laid up, I think it’s somewhere between 3 and 5 years. It’s time to get it back on the road, especially with gas prices climbing once more. It’s 21 years-old, in CT that’s a ‘Classic Motorcycle’ so it will get a new fancy plate AND it may even be taken off the tax rolls. Wouldn’t that be nice?

We cruised CraigsList on Sunday trying to see if we could a decent newer model bike for the money but…no way. Uh-ah, ain’t happening. He found an engine down in Texas, the only one he’s found since he started searching ages ago. $1,500.00 to get it from there to here; price, shipping, and tax. That leaves us a little bit leftover–which he’s already spending on a paint job! But I think I’ll pay some bills with it. LOL

So the Fate’s Aligned. I went into work late this morning to get to the bank right when it opened so the checks would clear immediately instead of waiting the 48 hours through the ATM. Nice lady even took me in early and she let me deposit a check he hadn’t signed. I surely do like dealing with a smaller bank. Beats Bank of America any day! Now, a new engine is on its way. I’m sure in the near future you will start seeing posts with the heading ‘The Bike Project’.🙂

To the other “Hot Rod”….

Hot Rod’s Cafe in ‘beautiful’ Downtown New London boasts its has “The Best Wings in CT”. The ad is also as cute as it is annoying…some toddler whining in the backseat he wants to go to Hot Rods–annoying. The ‘cute’ part is the BBQ sauce all over his face at the end and the little ditty.

We went on Sunday and took Becca with us. The place is clean. The barmaids are hot and they look great in their short-shorts…gentlemen, it’s worth having a beer. Maybe. I dunno. A GLASS of COKE cost $2.50! Gods only know what they get for a beer. The ice water I ordered was free so that’s nice, I guess.

The menu is lackluster, slightly less than what you’d expect from Typical Bar Fare and the prices are on the high side. $11.50 for an ‘appetizer’ of nachos. Yeah, I don’t think so.

We ordered 25 wings and Becca got a “Hot Rod” burger…$10.95!

The wings were ok, they were good actually. I wouldn’t say they were ‘great’ or “The Best Wings in CT” by any means but they were definitely good. The price was ok too, sorta. They charge you extra if you happen to want little things like Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing or Celery Sticks…all of which should (and in most places do) come ‘standard’ with any order of wings.

The “Hot Rod” burger was…less than appetizing. It wasn’t a big thick juicy burger by anyone’s standards. It was a plain old patty on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. (Bacon $1.50 extra). It came with ‘fries’….somewhere south of a handful of them, somewhere WAY south of a handful. No garnish. Not even a pickle. It certainly was not worth $10.95.

So, if you’re heading to downtown New London…unless you’re really in the mood for wings (no extras), ice water, and young chicks in short-shorts…skip Hot Rod’s Cafe. I have no idea what that toddler was whining about. Maybe he’s just never been to Wings ‘n’ Pies, they still get my vote for “Best Wings in New London County”.


A strange thing just happened. My neighbor just knocked on my door and handed me; a bottle of Barefoot Moscato, a bottle of Turning Leaf White Zinfindel, and 24 pack of Coors Light bottles. This is his idea of saying ‘thank you’ for us letting him borrow the hedge trimmers. Holy cow! I told him, for that, he could keep the damn things if he wanted ’em.🙂 I call hubby in from drooling over bike parts to show him what we have been given, he went out to thank the neighbor. I cleaned out the fridge to put the new goodies away thinking it had been a while since I indulged in my favorite beer–cutting calories/saving money & all that happy-crappy and a thought struck me;

Are you trying to get me liquored up?


Thanks, dude

You’ve got a nice supply, he’s got bike parts coming….ahhhhhhhh

I see. This was your plan all along? That it?

Yes, and I see it’s coming together nicely.

Yep, the bills will be 100% caught up THIS WEEK (not bad after nearly 9 months of Unemployment!), hubby will be busy-busy far away from me and his xBox for a good long while puttering and tinkering away to his heart’s content. I’ll be happily sipping away on long neck bottles through the hot weather and writing, writing, writing. Helplessly lost in the Zone without a care in the world.

Ya know…sometimes….I really love you.

And I you.

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  1. the ROY rides again!!

    • Do your best Kermit impression. Throw your hands in the air, flail about and say; “Yay!”


      I know…I know….It Isn’t Easy Being Green🙂

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