Benny…Oh Benny…Wherefore Art Thou Benny?

Yeah, I’m still looking for this guy. I still want to hold that séance and see if we can’t get Benedict Arnold to come back and finish the job he started more than two centuries ago. If you happen to see him send him my way, huh?

This is New London, the Soap Opera Capital of Connecticut. We have a new episode of “As The Stomach Turns”. This episode is entitled Court Injunction puts Firefighter Layoffs on Hold. Don’t you wish you could do that? Don’t you wish that when you got a pink slip you could appeal the Superior Court and keep your job, at least temporarily? That’d be great.

Any-hoo, yes, the Burning Saga continues. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t give a shit anymore, keep ’em, fire ’em, just make a decision and let’s get on with it already!

The thing that’s pissing me off happens to be my fellow New Londoners. For them, I have gone to the trouble of sifting through The New London Patch to provide the following links in Time Line Order. Please go read the articles…pay no attention to the comments! Just read the articles.

May 17, 2012 New London to Lost 35 Fire, Police Personnel

May 22, 2012 city Council Questions Need for Public Safety Layoffs

May 30, 2012 Fire and Police Departments Seek to Put Faces to Numbers

May 30, 2012 Council Approves Budget with Funds Transferred to Public Safety

May 30, 2012 Finizio Defends Administrations Actions on New London Budget (Finizio is the Mayor for those of you who don’t know)

June 13, 2012 Finizio Vetoes Municipal Budget Announces Tentative Agreements with Unions

June 19, 2012 “Watershed Moment” As New London Budget Passes (this one’s truly stomach churning)

July 2, 2012 Fire Department Layoffs Set to Occur After City Council Vote Fails to Ratify Agreement

July 3, 2012 Finizio Suspends Firefighter Layoffs Until July 17

July 17, 2012 Council Tables Vote; 25 Firefighters Set to be Laid Off Today

July 17, 2012 Your Voices: Firefighter Layoffs

July 17, 2012 Court Injunctions Puts Firefighter Layoffs on Hold

OK, that’s all the news The New London Patch has to offer on the subject as of this exact moment in time. To be fair, I would have added in articles from “The Day” but anything over two weeks old you need an account with them to read. Yeah, and there’s the 10 Premium Article Limit thing.

So the record is set above. It’s all laid out. It’s all easy to read and it should be easy to understand but so many of my fellow citizens have a New London Edumacation that…well….things are getting lost. Somehow all of this mess the Mayor’s fault.

Oh bother.

Yes, Finizio wanted a 20% tax hike and a bunch of layoffs in ‘public safety’ at the start. We all know what that is; the Status Quo. We start there and work our way down to an amicable agreement which was reached by the Mayor and the Fire Department. That’s nothing new. It’s hardly newsworthy in my eyes. However, as it stands right now, I have an 8% tax hike AND I’m losing 25 firefighters.

I’ve got that deal because my City Council is overloaded with gutless wonders. They couldn’t find their balls with a map and flashlight!

Welcome to New London!


You’ll notice from the headlines and the articles, although it was the Mayor who first broached the subject of the layoffs, it’s also him fighting the City Council against the layoffs and the City Council cowering in a corner. Tabled the vote? Are you serious? How cowardly can you possibly get? Instead of finding any type of intestinal fortitude they just ignored the issue. Yep, they just let it slide by as though they didn’t even see it. The absolute least they could have done was vote on the issue. Vote and then look those guys in the eyes, gather up The Donald inside and say; “You’re fired.” OR ratify the agreement. Instead they act like children, which is also nothing new in this godforsaken city.

AND if that’s not bad enough there’s a great number of my fellow New Londoners who seem to be under the impression that our taxes ARE going up the original 20% (they’re not) and that the Mayor wants to can all of these guys. Yeah, it seems a great many of them ONLY READ the COMMENTS and not the articles. For them, the Internet has become a huge game of “Post Office” and no one’s getting the original message correct.

Hate ’em. You have no idea how much.

The 20% tax hike and the proposed layoffs were a bargaining tool…nothing more and nothing less. And, once again, nothing new. Nothing to get steamed up over. An agreement WAS reached. The City Council decided to ignore it…NOT the Mayor.

I didn’t vote for our Mayor, I never made any bones about that. But I’m starting to feel sorry for him. Well, I would have ended up feeling sorry for whomever got the job because they have to deal with the City Council a total lose-lose situation from the get-go. He isn’t ‘liked’ because:

1-he’s an outsider, not from New London
2-he’s openly gay
3-he wanted the cops to not harass people smoking pot in their own homes or on their own property (which goes along with the new “under 1/2 ounce you get small fine” rule CT instituted at the same time!)
4-he added a few new ‘administrative positions’ to the City Payroll…and had the nerve to hire a few people who aren’t liked on a personal level by a few of the more vocal residents of New London

In a lot of ways poor Daryl Finizio is New London’s Barack Obama. The guy can’t get anything done because he keeps getting cock blocked! (pardon the pun) I was under the impression we all voted for a “Strong Mayor” and to get rid of the “City Manager” because we wanted an ELECTED OFFICIAL who would take charge and lead the City of New London. I guess I was wrong. I must have been because no one is letting this guy do his job. Kinda pathetic.

When and where this thing will finally pull to a halt no one knows anymore but it won’t be until sometime in August when the Balless Wonders of the New London City Council meet again. In the meantime, the firefighters get to linger in limbo not knowing if they should be putting in resumes in other cities/towns.

Nice job guys & gals! Or well, nice lack of doing your job anyway. Way to go and shove the responsibility off on someone else. Oh wait, no, they didn’t, they still bear the responsibility as of this writing they’re just going to “table” that fact.

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  1. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it…. All other places are just like New London, Nothing getting done, taxes and fee’s increased….

  2. I sure wish I could get a fatty check and do nothing to earn it lol… smfh

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